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How organisations succeed with digital asset management (DAM)

June 12, 2024 Antra Silova

DAM success

Digital Asset Management (DAM) has become a cornerstone technology for organisations across Australia, empowering them to manage their resources efficiently and enhance operational effectiveness. Industries such as construction, education, manufacturing, retail, and government are increasingly adopting DAM to handle large volumes of digital content and streamline their processes. Here’s a closer look at how DAM is making a significant impact in these sectors with real-world examples.

Construction Sector: building on digital foundations

In the construction industry, where project timelines and asset organisation are critical, DAM plays a pivotal role. For instance, a well-known Australian construction firm has integrated DAM to manage project documentation, blueprints, and multimedia assets related to ongoing projects. This has enabled them to quickly share necessary documents with stakeholders and maintain version control, ensuring that everyone is up-to-date, thus avoiding costly miscommunications and delays.

With Canto, Eden Brae Homes achieved the flexibility to use and share assets from anywhere at any time, enhancing operational efficiency and responsiveness in their marketing and customer service operations.

A major construction company in Australia utilised Canto to manage extensive project documentation and media assets efficiently, supporting their large-scale construction projects across various regions.

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Education Sector: centralising knowledge and achieving enrolment goals

Educational institutions are harnessing the power of DAM to manage and distribute educational and marketing materials efficiently. A notable university in Melbourne uses a DAM system to centralise its digital assets, including lecture videos, course materials, and research documents. This system allows faculty and students to access and utilise resources seamlessly, fostering a collaborative educational environment and enhancing the learning experience.

A university in NSW uses Canto to centralise academic and promotional digital assets, allowing for easy access and distribution across various departments, which enhances both academic resources availability and marketing efforts.

The University of Hong Kong uses Canto DAM to manage a century's worth of photo archives, enhancing accessibility across departments. The goal was to centralise their vast digital archives and current assets, making them easily searchable to save time and improve content reuse. Canto has simplified these processes, enabling the university to organise and share media effectively, reducing redundant work and facilitating better use of existing resources. This implementation has fostered more streamlined collaboration and content management within the university.

Manufacturing sector: streamlining production processes

Companies in the manufacturing sector leverage Canto to manage product designs, marketing materials, and production workflows. This integration has enabled manufacturers to maintain a consistent brand presence across multiple channels and improve collaboration between departments, thus speeding up time-to-market for new products.

A leading automotive manufacturer in Australia utilises DAM to organise and manage digital assets like design files, production schedules, and quality control documents. This integration facilitates smoother workflow transitions, from design to production, ensuring that all departments have up-to-date information and can react quickly to any necessary changes or improvements.

Australian  manufacturer B&R Enclosures utilise Canto DAM to efficiently manage product documentation and marketing materials, supporting their manufacturing and sales processes.

Mitsubishi Electric use Canto to manage technical and marketing assets, improving access and usability across their global operations, which supports both sales and marketing strategies. 

Sydney-based food & beverage manufacturer The a2 Milk Co managed to maintain a consistent brand message globally and streamlined the process of responding to asset requests, improving brand management and operational efficiency with Canto.

Government Sector: securing and sharing public sector assets

Government agencies also benefit from the robust security and organisational capabilities of DAM systems. Government agencies apply DAM systems to manage public records and internal documents securely. Canto helps these agencies ensure that sensitive information is accessible only to authorised personnel, thereby improving compliance and transparency in public services.

A city council in NSW has implemented DAM to manage public records, community outreach materials, and internal documents. This system not only secures sensitive information but also makes it accessible to authorised personnel, enhancing transparency and public service delivery.

A local government council in QLD leveraged Canto DAM system to manage extensive collections of images and videos used to promote tourism and other community projects. By using Canto, they are able to quickly access and distribute consistent promotional materials across various platforms, which is crucial for maintaining a cohesive branding and public message. This streamlined access not only enhances the efficiency of marketing campaigns but also supports the local economy by attracting tourists with well-managed, appealing digital content.

Retail Sector: enhancing brand management and marketing

In the competitive retail sector, DAM systems help companies manage their marketing and sales collateral effectively. Retailers utilise Canto to organise and distribute marketing and sales collateral effectively. This not only ensures brand consistency across various platforms but also enhances the efficiency of marketing campaigns, contributing to improved customer engagement and sales.

A large Australian retailer uses Canto to manage its online and offline marketing materials, including digital advertisements, promotional videos, and in-store display content. This ensures brand consistency across all channels, improves marketing effectiveness, and speeds up the campaign launch processes.

Amorepacific needed centralised management to speed up content delivery to global markets. They have significantly increased their workflow efficiency with Canto.

A technology accessories retailer specialising in gadgets and tech accessories, needed a solution to manage a rapidly growing repository of digital assets due to expanding product lines. The integration of Canto facilitated better organisation and accessibility of product photos and instructional videos, enhancing both internal workflows and customer support services.

A local specialty gourmet food store chain with a focus on high-quality, niche food products, sought to enhance their online presence and promotional efforts through better digital asset management. Canto enabled them to organise and easily retrieve culinary images and promotional videos, which in turn has helped boost their online marketing efforts and increased consumer engagement.


These examples illustrate that regardless of the industry, effective digital asset management is critical for streamlining operations, securing data, and enhancing productivity. Organisations that invest in robust DAM systems like Canto can expect to see significant improvements in how they manage and utilise their digital content. Organisations have effectively used Canto DAM to meet diverse goals ranging from improving operational efficiencies, enhancing collaboration, speeding up content delivery, to ensuring consistent brand management across global platforms.


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