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About databasics

We help public and private sector organisations in Australia and New Zealand to overcome content chaos, via a combination of world-class digital asset management software and personalised hands-on services.



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Our story

Established in 1989 in Sydney, Australia, databasics has been one of the region's pioneers in digital asset management solution implementation, helping some of region's biggest brands in a wide range of government, education and industry sectors to make more effective use of their digital assets.

digital asset management Sydney, Melbourne, Perth

We have


years DAM industry experience


focus on digital asset management


DAM installations


customer happiness

Why databasics

Why choose databasics

We have


30+ years in digital asset management industry


Well established business and capability profile

Leading brand

We represent global leading brand


Extensive knowledge and resources

But above all...

we value our company culture


Meet our fantastic team.



Ricky Patten


Years at databasics: 30+
Bio: I was involved in DAM marketplace since mid 90's, personally involved with the 2 enterprise scale solutions in place by 2005. One of them is still running! I love DAM as my heart lies with creative content of all sorts, I paint, draw, and most recently make scrap metal sculptures.


Antra Silova

Marketing Manager

Years with databasics: 9
Bio: I was born and raised in Latvia, got my graduate degree in US, then moved to Australia to be with my husband. When I'm not thinking of DAM, prospects and sales, I spend time outdoors with my family.


Jack Huang

DAM consultant

Years at databasics: 6
Bio: I arrived at databasics after graduating uni and have since been helping our customers and prospects with any technical issues, problem solving, product consultations and demos. Outside work I enjoy traveling and pencil sketching of comics characters.


Brayden Best

CX Consultant

As Quality Assurance and Customer Experience expert, I am at the forefront of databasics, ensuring customer and prospect happiness. When not at work, I try to keep my handicap below 6, go camping or play video games.


Sushmitha Venkatesh

CX Consultant

Bio: I’m your seasoned CX Consultant dedicated to transforming businesses through unparalleled clients satisfaction and engagement strategies.With a rich background in IT, I’ve honed my skills in understanding client needs, analyzing market trends, and implementing bespoke CX solutions that drive tangible results. My passion lies in bridging the gap between businesses and their customers, ensuring a seamless and memorable journey at every touchpoint. Outside of work, I love hitting the gym, watching shows on Netflix and chill.


Sween Dahiroc

Marketing Assistant

I have nearly a decade of experience in the dynamic world of digital marketing, from crafting engaging content to diving into the latest marketing trends. I'm your go-to person for getting the job done. When I want to relax, I would cuddle with my 6 cats at home or I would go for a long drive to the countryside.

Our Partners

Fastflow Management



Manuel Schamroth

Developer/ Fastflow Management Owner

Bio: My involvement with DAM started from interest in desktop publishing back in 1996 when I started installing Cumulus DAMs. I went on to build my own cloud-based DAM and started developing custom workflow automation solutions, which is where my focus lies today as the owner of Fastflow Management. In my spare time I love riding my big road bike, listening to music and reading on latest technology news.


Yoni Schamroth

Developer/ Fastflow Management

Yoni works alongside his father at Fastflow Management and has been involved with DAMS since his early days as a back-end programmer. Connecting systems and making sure everything is working is what he does. He spends his spare time playing video games and listening to music.

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