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How can you manage Privacy and Consent in a DAM solution?

This eBook provides real-life examples and strategies for ensuring privacy, and steps to implements such strategies.


Ricky Patten emphasises the importance of respecting privacy laws and individual rights, and offers potential solutions to common challenges encountered in DAM.

He discusses how privacy concerns affect the management of content in a DAM solution, and the importance of respecting privacy.

Some of the topics discussed include:

  • A guide on obtaining and managing consent, linking consent forms to related assets, and sharing content appropriately.

  • The concept of privacy in the context of digital asset management, and details the rights of individuals under Australian law.

  • Potential issues, like unauthorised use of images and possible legal implications.

  • Steps to ensure content has the correct approval status, limit content shown based on approval status, and ensure users agree to terms and conditions.

  • Alternative approach of asset requests, and discusses how to manage this process.

  • Discussion on embedding metadata, terms and conditions at the time of account activation, and what a final record in a DAM looks like.

Privacy and consent book cover  (2000 x 1080 px)