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Digital asset management (DAM) for Construction

Best DAM solution for residential or commercial construction industry in Australia and New Zealand 

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Organisations in Residential and Commercial Construction industry in Australia and New Zealand benefit from DAM


- Saves time
- Streamlines workflows
- Unifies widespread teams
- Provides better ways to communicate with clients

As a construction company, securing top projects is all about presenting your best work compellingly. But if your great projects aren’t easy to access and share, you might miss out on prime opportunities.

What you need is a user-friendly, visual Digital Asset Management (DAM) platform like Canto. It’s perfect for on-the-go remote access and makes sharing with clients a breeze, ensuring your standout projects are always ready to make a great impression.

    It is not only about the need to capture and store content, it is about having this content available to the right people, in the right format, at the right time.


Why digital asset management is important for construction companies?

Marketing Manager, Eden Brae Homes

Canto's user friendly, intuitive functionality saves us time - for busy marketing team that's gold!

Gilberto Milan, Ghella

Canto is flexible, for us this was important as in the past we could not join the creative dots or connect teams worldwide because of various systems and integrations. Canto has the right flexibility for us.

Dustin Curtis, Imhotep

Because of Canto, we’re able to create these services that no one’s ever heard of or seen in the building industry. It’s certainly helping us get more business.

Matt Barker, Portakabin

We feel confident and comfortable using Canto for a lot longer. It’s part of our workflow now and part of the Portakabin design studio system. We know we can rely on it and trust it. That’s really important to us.

Canto helps Eden Brae Homes bring home designs to life

Bringing home designs to life for potential customers is a priority in the new building sector.
To showcase their homes to customers, Eden Brae use a wide variety of display home photography and videography via a range of channels, from brochures and signage to social channels, EDMs and digital advertising. 

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Typical Content Challenges Construction Industry Face

1. Volume and Diversity of Images

Construction projects generate a high volume of images from various sources, including site surveys, progress photos, and architectural designs. Managing this diverse array of images in terms of storage, accessibility, and organisation can be cumbersome.

2. Version Control

Multiple revisions of project images, such as blueprints or design drawings, can lead to confusion if not managed properly. Ensuring that everyone is working from the latest version is crucial to avoid costly mistakes and rework.

3. Access and Retrieval

Efficiently retrieving specific images from a vast database can be time-consuming. Workers often need immediate access to these images on the site, and delays in access can lead to project slowdowns.

4. Integration with Other Systems

Images often need to be used in conjunction with other data types and integrated into various software platforms, including project management tools and Building Information Modeling (BIM) systems. Lack of seamless integration can hinder the smooth flow of information.

5. Security and Compliance

Protecting sensitive information depicted in images and ensuring only authorised access is a significant concern, especially given the stringent regulations governing data in the construction industry.

6. Quality and Resolution

Images, particularly those used for technical purposes like inspections or compliance, need to be of high quality and resolution. Managing and storing high-resolution images requires significant data storage capacity and can challenge existing IT infrastructure.

7. Collaboration and Sharing

The need for effective collaboration using images among various stakeholders—contractors, clients, consultants, and team members—poses challenges. Miscommunication can occur when image sharing is not streamlined or when annotations are not clearly visible to all relevant parties.

8. Data Backup and Loss Prevention

Ensuring images are backed up and recoverable in the event of data loss is critical. Loss of crucial image data can result in project delays and increased costs.




The Digital Asset Management (DAM) Solution

By adopting DAM, not only can you mitigate legal risks and ease the workflow among different departments, but you can also significantly lower operational costs.

Digital asset management in construction industry offers numerous advantages that significantly boost productivity, reduce costs, and enhance project outcomes, making it an indispensable tool for modern construction companies.

Why construction companies use digital asset management

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All digital assets, including drawings, blueprints, 3D files, project photos, and documents, into one centralised repository. 
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Access and upload current documents, images, videos on construction sites or from various geographic locations
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Enhance document accuracy with version control, ensuring that everyone uses the most updated images and documents, which significantly reduces errors and rework.

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Quick image retrieval and more efficient handling means better way to share images, designs, and other digital assets with colleagues, clients, and customers.
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DAM Use Cases for Residential and Commercial Construction industry 

Marketing Team

The marketing and sales teams use the DAM to manage and distribute marketing materials such as brochures, 3D walkthroughs, and promotional videos to prospective buyers and lessees. The DAM system ensures that all promotional materials are up-to-date and consistent in branding, which is crucial for effective marketing campaigns.


Subcontractors access the DAM for specific sections of the project relevant to their work. They upload their work documentation and images, and access schedules, drawings, and instructions necessary for their tasks. 


Clients are given limited access to the DAM system where they can view the progress of the construction through photos, videos, and project reports updated by the project team. This transparency builds trust and keeps the client informed about the progress without frequent site visits.

Sales team

For potential buyers showing interest in specific properties, sales representatives can quickly compile personalised digital portfolios and proposals using the DAM.

A DAM system accessible via mobile devices allows them to retrieve necessary documents and visuals while showing homes to clients or when away from the office, ensuring they can always provide prompt answers and high-quality visual presentations. 


The DAM system ensures that sensitive materials, such as contracts and client information, are stored securely with appropriate access controls in place. This is crucial for complying with data protection regulations and safeguarding client trust.

Canto for construction

Canto is as a scalable, cost-efficient digital asset management solution. Canto offers core DAM functionality, including:

  • Single source of truth for all your digital assets, such as photos, videos, audios, templates, Adobe creative files, presentations, pdfs, etc.
  • Advanced search features
  • Nicely organised files with thumbnail display
  • Added metadata and tags
  • Brand portals for specific projects, external partners, departments
  • Asset level team collaboration
  • Version control
  • Digital rights management (DRM)
  • Streamlined asset sharing
  • Asset analytics
  • Integrations with other popular workflow and project management platforms
  • Advanced security protocols

Canto ease of use

In 2019, 95% of our customers named ease of use as nr 1 most important feature in their DAM. Canto is proud to be one the most user-friendly DAM solutions around. With its intuitive, simple interface the navigation is a breeze.

Cairns council Canto DAM

Customer experience

databasics have been Canto’s partner in Australia and New Zealand for nearly 30 years. Our only focus is providing the best possible customer experience to our Canto customers.

Prouding ourselves as DAM experts with over 30 years DAM experience, we offer DAM consultations, 100% personalised Canto DAM onboarding and Hands-on customer service.

We will assist you throughout your DAM journey from start to finish. 100% dedication to our customers is what will set us apart from the rest of Australian DAM vendors. Choose databasics. Schedule your free consultation now.

Canto price

Start small, plan big.

You pay for what you need. Scale as you grow.

Canto’s digital asset management software pricing model is based on amount of storage needed and the number of admin users. If you are in Australia or New Zealand, reach out to databasics and we will get you the best price, only available through us.

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After your team has outgrown Dropbox and Google Drive, it is time to look at a suitable DAM solution – one that is user friendly and intuitive, a solution that will streamline your workflows, ensure brand consistency, adhere to regulatory requirements, and empower your teams.

Canto is considered the pioneer/ inventor of DAM with their flagship on-premise solution Cumulus, later introducing the Canto cloud DAM – named - Canto, solution that has now been their focus for the last 10 years.

Investing in a DAM system is not just a cost but a strategic business decision. It can substantially improve operational efficiency, compliance, and even provide insights into your digital assets' ROI.

Don't wait, explore your DAM options today and redefine how your organisation manages its digital assets. Reach out to databasics to schedule a DAM consultation.

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