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DAM services and support 100% tailored to your needs

including DAM training and Helpdesk services so you succeed.

No two customers are the same. By offering our personalised DAM services we acknowledge your organisation's unique requirements, needs, and preferences. When you succeed we succeed.

What we offer

Solution demo and consulting

Help deciding on a DAM solution based on your organisation's requirements. We listen to your needs, objectives and provide guidance in selecting a solution. We will provide personalised demo of Canto DAM solution to showcase the capabilities and features that would benefit your organisations. 

Personalised Onboarding    

Our goal is for customers to succeed with their DAM. We offer different levels of Onboarding support based on your wants and needs - from Sprint to Paced to Staged, customised to your organisation's goals. 

Personalised Ongoing Support

What sets databasics apart from other DAM providers is personalised levels of ongoing support. We acknowledge different needs each organisation has - be it simple Helpdesk support or hand-on assistance and configuration.


Why choose databasics?

databasics have developed a process to best introduce and integrate the DAM software into your organisation.  It ensures it is properly installed, configured, and adopted by the users.

plan and prepare

Together we will work to identify your needs and assist in selecting the DAM software that meets your requirements. This will involve face-to-face or virtual meetings, product demos, creating implementation plan that outlines the key steps involved in onboarding the software. 


install and configure

This involves installing the DAM software and configuring it to work with your existing infrastructure and workflows. It includes setting up user accounts and permissions, customising the software to fit your organisation's needs, and integrating it with other software systems.

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user training

For different user levels, we create a comprehensive personalised training program to teach your team how to navigate the software, customise it, brand it according to your guidelines, how to create brand hubs and portals, style guides, how to utilise AI features, metadata tagging, searching and retrieving assets.


test and troubleshoot

Before rolling out the new DAM software to all users, it's important to test it thoroughly to ensure that it is working correctly and any issues are resolved. This may involve conducting beta testing or pilot testing with a small group of users.

testing and troubleshooting

rollout and adopt

Once the software is tested and ready, it can be rolled out to all users. This may involve communicating the benefits of the DAM to users and encouraging them to adopt it. It's important to provide ongoing support and troubleshooting to ensure that users can continue to use the software effectively.


Personalised Service Levels 

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