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Information Bulletin July 2017

• DataBasics blog and webinar: Survey results: Top 10 Most Important DAM Features
• Flight latest release: Flight BCN Release Notes
• Canto’s latest blogs: How EyeEm Uses AI to Organise, Keyword, and Find the Best Photos
• Canto’s upcoming webinar: Creative Collaboration Webinar, July 26th
• HINTS n TIPS: A few tips from Canto Community portal…read more

Top 10 Most Important DAM Features

Digital asset management (DAM) has become an important part of an organisation’s content management strategy. The requirements for DAM go far beyond just a solution for storing digital assets. See the top 10 most important DAM features voted for by DAM users….read more

Information Bulletin June 2017

• DataBasics survey: What’s important to you in a DAM?
• Canto DAM Summit Europe: Oct 9-10th in Berlin
• Canto’s latest blog: SharePoint and DAM
• Flight latest blog: Why Move From Cloud Storage to Image Library
• HINTS n TIPS: New Flight and Cumulus tutorial videos…read more

Information Bulletin May 2017

• DataBasics latest blog: Using Direct URLs of Images and Videos
• Flight blog and webinar recording: What’s New in Flight CDG
• Cumulus upcoming webinar: DRM and DAM, May 23rd
• Canto’s latest blog: How To Measure Digital Asset Management Success
• Flight latest blog: AutoTagging Offers Sophisticated Leap Forward for DAM
• HINTS n TIPS: How to manage talent release forms in Flight…read more

Information Bulletin April 2017

• DataBasics latest blog: HOW TO Order and Process Assets in Cumulus with DARS
• Flight: Store your Flight files locally with expanded Global Amazon S3 storage locations
• Cumulus latest resources: A DAM Good Coffee series & Best Project Management Practices blog
• DB Webinar recording: What’s New in Flight LHR
• Flight latest blogs
• DAMGuru Talk
• HINTS n TIPS: Web Client Doesn’t Show Related Assets…read more

Information Bulletin March 2017

• Important Flight Update: Updated URL – no more run after March 31st
• DataBasics Upcoming Webinar: Flight LHR Update – Tuesday March 28th
• DataBasics Latest Blog – Cumulus and Enhanced Metadata Support
• Canto’s Latest Blogs and Upcoming Webinar
• HINTS n TIPS: Seeing red? – Catalog appears in red in Cumulus
read more

Information Bulletin February 2017


• DataBasics latest blog: DAM for FMCG
• Ricky’s article featured in DAM News
• Cumulus 10.2.3 release
• Canto’s DAM Summit Americas date and theme announced
• Canto Flight Case Study: DI Development Company
• HINTS n TIPS: New Flight Help Videos…read more

Information Bulletin January 2017

• DataBasics Webinar: Flight PHL release Jan 2017 recording
• DataBasics new Uploader 2.0 for Cumulus – demo available
• Reminder: DARS – Digital Asset Request System – survey
• Cumulus and SiteCore CMS integration
• Canto update for Cumulus 9 : release 9.2.7
• HINTS n TIPS: Saving PDF text into Cumulus …read more

Why Upgrade to Uploader 2.0

DataBasics’ latest Uploader 2.0 portal is completely rebuilt from the previous version. It comes with a responsive design, single and bulk upload/ metadata entry. It is a modern application that can be customised to fit your organisation’s needs. …read more

What’s New in Flight PHL

The last release of Flight in 2016 – Flight PHL (Philadephia) introduced a redesigned interface, additional layout and sorting features, a new collaboration feature – Workspace, download presets and more new, exciting and frequently requested features. …read more