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Top 10 Canto features 2019 (survey results)

January 9, 2020 Antra Silova

At the end of every year databasics surveys its customers to find out what are their favourite Canto DAM features introduced that year. What they think were the best Canto digital asset management solution’s features/ enhancements introduced in 2019? Please note this survey does not include the latest features/ enhancements released in December 2019. Thank you to all who participated. Here are the top 10 (for a complete list of results scroll to the bottom of page):


  1. AWS GuardDuty – intelligent threat detection service that monitors your account for malicious activity and unauthorised activity.
  2. Password protected share-links – enable and set a password when sharing content via links or email collections.
  3. Bulk convert – convert your images in bulk from JPG to PNG or vice versa, as well as bulk convert colour modes RBG or CMYK.
  4. Duplicate check enhancement: Scan and Remove Duplicates – you can now check for duplicates even after files have been uploaded. Canto will create an album called Duplicates and assign all duplicates to that Album.
  5. Contributors and Consumers can see expiration dates for Approved files.
  6. Adobe Connector – this free plugin now supports 4 Adobe CC apps: Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator and Premier Pro.
  7. Download options: edit on the fly – users can now resize, crop and compress an image on the fly and either download or save as a new version.
  8. Facial Recognition: auto suggest names – if a person has already been tagged in an image, Canto will now auto-suggest a name. The Facial Recognition feature has been further enhanced in latest (Dec 2019) update allowing to import names from CSV as well.
  9. Canto Connect desktop app – available for Windows and Mac OS, allows to access your Canto account directly on your desktop.
  10. Custom Fields Sections – Admins can create the Sections and add Custom Fields to their respective Sections grouping the fields together.
  11. Facial Recognition – based on Amazon Rekognition service, this free tool (activation required) allows you to tag, browse and filter your images based on recognised faces in the them.

And here is the full list of the survey results:

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