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April 3, 2020 Antra Silova

The current economic slow-down brought on by Covid-19 is making many organisations adapt to a new reality, re-evaluate their ways of operations and balance the mission and objectives of people and business. This challenging time is bringing along opportunities for companies to accelerate the move to more modern flexible work arrangements, review and improve internal communication systems and overall effectiveness, quality and purpose of current processes.

Working from home

Often, maintaining productivity while working from home is not easy due to many distractions. Throw in outdated technology and/or infrastructure and it becomes nearly impossible. So, what can you do to make it possible and efficient for your employees to work from home?

Canto interface

Luckily, SaaS cloud-based platforms exist allowing you access from anywhere in the world, whenever. Enter Canto DAM, the cloud-based platform to organise, manage and distribute your brand assets from one central location. Anyone can access it, whether it be working from home or office. No need for a VPN network, no need to chase a teammate, no need to search on different drives and storage devices. Canto is simple, intuitive and fast. No worries about bandwidths, file sizes or backup disaster recovery. Find it, collaborate, edit and send. Be it your documents, images, presentations, videos, anything.

Canto is completely secure, and your asset data sovereignty is guarded by AWS enterprise-grade security technologies inside Australia. It integrates with your other popular applications. It is easy to use, and – most importantly – you can access it from anywhere.

Here are 3 examples on how organisations are making distributed and remote teams work in sync with Canto.

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