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Why Upgrade to Uploader 2.0

January 20, 2017 Antra Silova

    What is Uploader

    Uploader provides a simple and easy to use upload portal for content to be added into your Cumulus solution. Most often used for external users such as photographers, agencies, and remotely located workers who are required to upload single or bulk content. During this process the uploading user will be able to enter metadata.


    Uploading users are not exposed to any of your existing content and do not need to be trained on usage of Cumulus interfaces such as Web Client.


    DataBasics has created Uploader 2.0 to support as many uploading users as you like with only a single Cumulus license required. It can be configured to match your branding, and the functionality can be customised if you require something more than the standard solution.


    If you currently have an upload portal as part of your Cumulus configuration, and are covered by software maintenance agreement, then Uploader 2.0 is available to you at no extra charge with your next Cumulus upgrade.


Why upgrade to Uploader 2.0?

  • Completely rebuilt from the previous version using the HTML5 technology.


  • Faster processing, reducing time delays and resources required.


  • Improved handling of non-image assets.


  • Drag & drop and “add assets from a folder” upload.


  • Bulk upload.


  • Bulk metadata upload.

Bulk metadata upload


  • Responsive design, compatible with most browsers and devices.

Responsive design


  • More user-friendly with mouse-over help text.

Mouse-over help text


  • More control over the upload process with improved control buttons.

Image preview with metadata edit for a single asset.

Image preview with edit option

Single asset metadata preview and edit


  • Configurable to match your organisation’s branding.


  • Customisable to provide you that extra level of functionality.


Please try our online demo by sending a request to CustomerCare for login details.

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