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Flight DAM and WordPress CMS integration

July 17, 2016 Antra Silova

WordPress and your Flight library

WordPress is one of the best web content management development systems around – thousands of websites around the world use it as their Content Management System (CMS) and many organisations also use it for their blogs. So it makes sense to integrate it with a digital asset management system like Flight that can handle your CMS image library requirements and publish content directly from the cloud to your website or blog.

Hello WordPress

<small><i>The Flight WordPress plugin Add Media button </i></small>

The Flight WordPress plugin Add Media button

WordPress has some great features however in the WP media library there is no real way to organise files once they’re in there. No folders, no categories and it’s hard to leave notes and comments, etc.

That’s where Flight comes in. Easy to use, easy to find things, great intuitive interface.

It’s as simple as using the Add Media button in the WordPress plugin to access your Flight library directly and choose a file to publish.

You can browse your Flight library using the folder menu or Global Search to find exactly what you need by searching text, keywords, description, file name, comments or even people who uploaded.

Flight has powerful search capabilities, with different ways to categorise and to collaborate. Comments, approval status, keywords, tags, versions – all in one place in Flight in the file details view. An image can be placed in different albums but it will only count the space once.

Hello Flight

<small><i>Flight Search options</i/</small>

Flight Search options

In Attachment Details you can add all the info you might want. Add Alternate Text for better SEO and embed in the correct size.

Adding details

<small><i>Flight screen display showing Attachment details</i></small>

Flight screen display showing Attachment details

The selected image gets embedded into WordPress and saved to the WP library. After you click Update, you’ll see it embedded in your page or blog post.  In the WP media library display, you’ll see that you own that image on your website which is an important feature for Google SEO.

Embedding the image



Flight is aWP Webpagelways up to date with the latest WordPress features. Canto works directly with their own in-house WordPress gurus, making this plug-in very WP friendly.


Source: Much of this material comes from the recent webinar hosted by Canto’s Ian Ray:


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