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Factors to consider when choosing DAM vendors in Australia

October 26, 2020 Antra Silova

DAM vendors Australia

According to a number of latest market research reports Asia Pacific region (including Australia and New Zealand) is one of the fastest growing DAM (digital asset management) markets globally. Global brands have realised the huge potential of the APAC region in the last 5 years and have started taking advantage of growth opportunities expanding their reach and investment into the region. This has translated into investments into content strategies and creation of digital content. “DAM helps brands deal with common difficulties that arise when dealing with global teams, new expansion regions and an influx in digital content”.

The growing DAM market has also seen many local and overseas DAM providers entering the APAC region.

While digital asset management provides a “single source of truth” for marketing and creative teams and should help organise, collaborate, create, secure and distribute brand and digital assets, there are other important factors to consider when purchasing a DAM in Australia.

Where will your data reside?

Data residency requirements of your organisation might narrow down the DAM solution provider list that are compliant with your company’s policies.


When selecting a DAM vendor, it’s important to understand where the vendor’s data centres are located. This would especially apply to industries with extra privacy concerns, such as government, education, healthcare. Does the vendor have data centres located within Australia ensuring the original assets, copies and back-ups stored in your digital asset management solution remain within Australia? Don’t forget to check if the vendor complies with Australian Law and the Australian Privacy Principles.


In an on-premise environment, organisations retain all their data and are in full control of what happens to it. However, it requires a large upfront investment, a physical location for your data storage and has limited scalability among other things to consider.

Speed and accessibility

Australia is a vast country, and in many remote locations stable internet access and large bandwidth might not be available. Understanding the level of connectivity needed would ensure you get the best solution for your needs. If speed of asset download or ability to upload assets from remote area is critical to you, your organisation might need to consider an on-premise digital asset management solution.


Compliance with privacy and security regulations

All vendors (and their products) for Australian region must comply with mandatory Australian Privacy and Security laws. Don’t forget to review the vendor’s security and privacy policies. Make sure you know how your personal information will be collected and handled.

Ensure the DAM solution has the encrypted security necessary, like strong authentication and multi-factor security to make sure only authorised users can access your data.


In summary, as we know the DAM market in Australia is growing rapidly with many vendors offering solutions that seem to tick all the boxes, however it’s important you consider other region-specific factors, such as legal and performance aspects, that might impact your digital asset management implementation.

About databasics

The Australian DAM consultant databasics has been the leading digital asset management solution and services provider in the Asia Pacific region for the past 34 years with accumulated experience and knowledge far in excess of any other provider in the region. As a long-standing partner of DAM pioneer – Canto, databasics has been trusted by local and federal governments, by enterprises big and small, as well as by security and redundancy sensitive sectors such as healthcare, education, and utilities.


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