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Digital Asset Management Tools: Top 5 reasons to get a DAM solution

June 16, 2021 Anna

Are you looking for a way to improve control over your content and content-related data?

As the digital world expands, we must find better ways to unify our digital assets. Companies that rely on digital marketing and other digital processes need DAMs. If you haven’t invested in a good digital asset management system yet, this is the time to do it.

Enhance and centralize your processes with digital asset management (DAM). Below, we’ll discuss DAM and list the top five benefits of using digital asset management tools. Read on and find out more.

What is Digital Asset Management?

In today’s digital era, everything and everything you have in digital storage is a digital asset. Its other traits are that it’s uniquely identifiable and provides value to the company. It can be anything, including:

  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Spreadsheets
  • Graphics
  • Slide decks (like PowerPoint presentations)
  • Documents
  • Audio files
  • PDFs
  • 3D files
  • and more.

Since new formats keep emerging, the definition of digital assets always expands. DAM is the process of storing, organising, and sharing your digital assets. Without a DAM, managing your PDFs, images, videos, and other files is hard and time-consuming.

Are you now interested in finding the best DAMs for your business? A good first step is to find the best digital asset management software vendors around. Click here to read more about the top DAM vendors in Australia.

Otherwise, here are five benefits of using digital asset management tools:

1. The right Digital Asset Management tools make managing assets easier and faster

The primary reason to use digital asset management tools is that it’s a less resource-intensive option. Think about how many digital assets are necessary for your marketing brochure or webpage. The photos, videos, PDFs, and other files you use all need storage, and they need to be findable based on their content or metadata.

Storing all these files on a computer may be a good solution. However, without DAMs, it’ll take time for you to find, organise and share the required digital asset. An organisation is most likely looking at thousands of photos, videos, and other files.

Imagine how difficult it is to find digital assets in case you’re revamping your systems, working on a project or creating a sales brochure. With a DAM, you make a centralized location for your digital assets. Here, you can perform tasks like sharing, tracking, reporting, and managing.

2. DAMs support better collaboration

Another important benefit of DAMs is that they make collaboration and communication easier. Let’s say your IT manager needs a specific image your marketing team sent weeks ago. However, a quick image library search only provides an outdated version from a month ago.

Your IT manager needs the image ASAP. Because they can’t, their productivity lags and starts affecting their team. As a result, it affects your business’s profitability, consumer confidence, and customer experience. 

The issue began with something that seems simple and small. However, the problems that followed can affect your entire business operation. Thanks to DAM software, you have a solution to these types of problems. 

DAM tools help create a more collaborative and engaged workforce. In turn, it encourages better efficiency, increased employee satisfaction, and many other benefits. All it takes to develop these advantages is to get a DAM. 

A big plus here is that your DAM can integrate with your CMS, too. It means you can use your DAM with Adobe InDesign and Microsoft Office. It’s a great time-saving tool for all your teams. 

3. DAM tools provide great analytics

DAMs don’t only help you with your digital asset organization, sharing, and storage. Digital asset managers also track the performance of your digital assets. For example, a DAM can provide insights in how your assets are used, by whom, when and for what purposes.

Did you know that companies like YouTube and Vimeo also use DAMs to monetize content and keep the insights to themselves? If you also want to know how your images, videos or presentations are performing, use a DAM to find out.

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4. DAMs help secure digital assets

Without centralized data storage and communication processes, you risk running into data security issues. 

A DAM is a platform that helps manage an organisation’s marketing and business operations related digital assets. How do you keep them secure and accessible only to authorised people internally and externally?

The answer is – digital rights management. DRM controls data usage and user access, be it your images, presenations, brand assets, or technical documents, blue prints and drafts, they will be protected from unauthorised access and misuse.

As the amount of data and digital assets generated is expected to increase from year to year, with a digital asset management software you will be one step ahead to keeping it all safe. It’s also one reason why the DAM market reached $3.4 billion in 2020.

5. Your DAM Gives Your Marketing Team Better Content Access 

Ask your marketing manager how difficult it is to always access your content without a DAM. If you always have your smartphone with you, the content is always accessible. However, if someone outside of the organisation asks for a file, sharing it can be tricky. 

Remember, your marketing team will work with a lot of other people. They must also change or tweak their work depending on user feedback. If they can create strict versioning rules for your videos and images, their work will be easier. 

With a DAM, they won’t have to spend all their time in back-and-forth messaging. The content that they need to find and adjust will be at their fingertips. 

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We hope you now know why you should invest in reliable digital asset management tools. If you enjoyed reading this list, you may also enjoy our other posts.

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