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Building your DAM team: who are DAM Stakeholders?

January 8, 2024 Antra Silova

who are DAM stakeholders?

Are you considering a DAM solution for your organisation? Selecting a digital asset management system typically requires aligning the requirements and priorities of key stakeholders throughout the organisation. It's crucial to identify the departments, teams, or individuals (referred to as "stakeholders") who would gain from this project. Obtaining buy-in from everyone is essential for the project's success.

In this 3-article series we look at the core DAM stakeholders: Marketing team, Creatives and IT.

Who are DAM stakeholders?

Introducing a DAM system offers numerous advantages to an organization, but it may impact the established workflows of team members and be perceived as unnecessary. This underscores the importance of identifying all individuals within the organization who could be affected by the DAM implementation project. Failing to do so might lead to a situation where a team member questions the necessity of the project.

Selecting the appropriate DAM software is just one aspect contributing to the success of your DAM solution. To make the right choice, assemble a team of essential players from various departments of your company – the DAM stakeholders. These individuals should be actively involved users with a deep understanding of specific scenarios. Comprising both in-house experts and leaders, this team will devise a strategy to guide the process of gathering information, selecting a vendor, implementing the system, and ensuring its longevity. They are your primary group for making DAM-related decisions!

Marketing team

The digital asset management initiative is often born in the marketing department, although other departments – IT and creatives, are also known to be initiators and supporters of DAM projects.

The needs and wants of your marketing team are key for success of your DAM project. What does your marketing team need?

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Creatives and agencies

Next to the marketing team creatives are the primary users of a DAM system, and as such, the solution should be built around their needs.

What do creatives and agencies need from a DAM? Integration with favourite creative tool is just one of them.

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IT Department

The IT Department establishes and enforces policies and procedures to ensure that all technology implementations enhance business processes and boost user satisfaction.

For your IT manager aligning technology with organisation's needs is front of mind, along with security and compliance. But what does your IT manager NOT want?

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Are Marketing, Creatives and IT the only DAM stakeholders?

In this series of articles, we delve into the core DAM Stakeholders - Marketing, Creatives, and  IT, exploring the typical individuals involved. While these roles typically emerge from marketing, brand, IT, and creative operations, it's crucial to acknowledge the uniqueness of each organisation. There could be additional areas where your DAM project stakeholders are situated.

Take into account the diverse perspectives within your company, including how teams operate to fulfil tasks, the cultural language used in communication, your market approach, partnerships, and collaborations with agencies and vendors. Considering these factors from the outset of the DAM selection process will ultimately result in saving time, resources, and finances.

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