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Digital Asset Management solution explained with humour and gifs

March 11, 2024 Antra Silova

digital asset management gifs


Having a hard time sorting through different digital asset management topics? Need a simple DAM explanation? Here is DAM explained in simple funny terms and  gifs. Walk through the concepts of digital asset management (DAM) as you would through the bush. Enjoy!




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DAM explained to an Australian by Marketing databasics

Security, Privacy, and Compliance

Australia One Planet GIF by BBC America

Picture this: your digital assets are like secret Vegemite recipes. You want them safe, right?

A DAM is like a digital security guard, making sure no sneaky koalas (or hackers) get into your treasure trove.

It's your personal cyber kangaroo, boxing away any intruders!

Backup, Retention, and Rollback

big wave surfing surf GIF

What if your digital surfboard wipes out in a big wave? No worries, mate!

A DAM is like a digital lifeguard.

If something goes wrong, it saves your assets from sinking. It's your backup buddy, ensuring your digital sandcastles stay standing, and you can always roll back the waves.

Scalability on Amazon Web Services

Title page_Purple Bold Minimalist Digital Marketing Video

Imagine your digital assets are kangaroos. Sometimes you have a mob, sometimes just a joey.

A DAM using Amazon Web Services (AWS) is like having a magic pouch for your kangaroos.

It stretches when you have many, and shrinks when you need less space.

Differing Storage Levels


kraft GIF by jessthechen

Think of your digital assets as Vegemite jars – big ones, small ones, for different spreads.

A DAM with differing storage levels is like a Vegemite shelf that adjusts to fit all your jars.

No wasted space, just the right amount for each delicious digital jar.

Business Strategies Aligned with Goals

happy bbq GIF

Your business goals are like planning a ripper barbecue.

A DAM helps align your digital snags, shrimps, and barbie tools perfectly.

It's like the secret sauce for your business BBQ – making sure everything cooks up just the way you want.

Best User Experience (UX)

kangaroo pouch

User adoption is like riding a kangaroo – it needs to be easy and fun!

A DAM with the best user experience is like having a kangaroo with a comfy pouch.

Your team hops in effortlessly, enjoying the ride, and making the whole digital adventure a breeze.



Imagine your digital assets are hidden gold nuggets in the Aussie Outback.

A DAM is your digital treasure map, helping you find those nuggets in a flash.

No need to dig through the digital desert – just follow the DAM map to your golden assets!

Complexity Striking the Right Balance


Managing digital stuff can be like juggling boomerangs.

A DAM with the right balance is like having magic boomerangs that fly just where you want.

Not too tricky, just the right amount of spin to keep things sailing smoothly.

Workflows Inbuilt within the UX

no one lol GIF by San Diego Zoo

Workflows are like dance moves for your digital emus.

A DAM with inbuilt workflows is like having emus that groove to the same beat.

Everyone dances in sync, making your Aussie digital dance party a hit!

Branding: The 300-Pound Kangaroo

Life Story Gym GIF by BBC America

Your brand is like a giant kangaroo – strong, memorable, and a bit cheeky.

A DAM manages your brand assets like the 300-pound kangaroo, making sure they hop into the spotlight with impact.

Your brand becomes the boss of the Aussie digital savannah!


gif (1)

Collaboration is like having a bush party for your digital mates.

A DAM breaks down digital bush barriers, bringing everyone to the party.

From digital snacks to group photos, it ensures your Aussie digital shindig is a ripper time for all!



Each Aussie surfer has their own style, right? Your digital assets are no different.

A DAM lets you customise your digital surfboards – making sure they ride the waves just the way you like.

No cookie-cutter surfboards here, mate!

Integration with Other Technologies


Imagine your tech tools are like a bush band playing different instruments.

A DAM is the Aussie didgeridoo, blending in with the digital harmony.

It plays along with other tech tools, making sure your digital bush band sounds like a symphony.

Local Partner/ Vendor

Friends GIF

Having a local partner is like having a digital BFF who knows all the best spots.

A DAM with an Aussie partner is your digital sidekick, ready to explore the unique challenges and adventures of the Aussie digital landscape.


glow blinky bill GIF by KiKA

As we move forward into 2024 and beyond, let a DAM be the hero of your digital treasures! It's the best way to ensure security, privacy, backup, and scalability for your digital assets. Now that you understand how a DAM works, it's time to consider how it can help your business grow and succeed.

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