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3 reasons why Cloud is King in the post COVID-19 era

January 4, 2021 Antra Silova

With 2020 coming to an end one thing is sure – there has been a major shift in the conventional workplace, with millions of Australians having transitioned to working from home.

Here are 3 reasons why Cloud is King and why your organisation should seriously consider migrating to Cloud.

1. The traditional on-premise desktop software will prove to be non-cost-effective and unsustainable in the long term.

For many Australian organisations and government agencies in particular, desktop software has been the standard choice of technology deployment, evident from our solutions of digital asset management (DAM).

Up until 2020 it met their needs and proved to be a safe way to maintain consistency and continuity.

In the new era of remote working, we see these same organisations struggling, doubling their efforts and resources, requesting additional desktop licenses to ensure their workforce have the same access at home as they did in the office.

2. Try, buy and use instantaneously.

With a cloud-based solution you will avoid those lengthy buying cycles and deployments taking weeks or even months. All you will have to do with a cloud-based SaaS solution is access it in the cloud. The weight on your infrastructure and resources will be much much lower. Recently, we talked about how a cloud DAM makes remote teams work in sync.

3. Lower, controlled and predictable costs.

Most SaaS software operate on a license model, an annual (or monthly) recurring predictable cost, guaranteeing no variance or potential sudden increases. In addition, you won’t have to dedicate your precious IT resources to maintain your solution because it’s all handled by the software vendor. Lower initial costs and no effort spent on maintaining the solution while always having an up to date software including latest security patches, features and functionality are all major benefits that a cloud solution would bring to your organisation.

To conclude, as the workforce here in Australia is slowly looking to transition back to the office, take a moment to reflect on your current technology strategy and business continuity plans. Is it beneficial to your organisation, public or community to go back to the old ways things were?

Let us help you to transition to a cloud-based DAM and have all your digital assets available by employees internally and externally. Get in touch 1300 886 238.

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