HELIOS - for powerful unbreakable networking

Key HELIOS Features for Local and Remote Collaboration

Effective teamwork requires convenient collaboration tools to utilise shared resources. With the HELIOS suite of networking tools such as WebShare, Document Hub and Virtual Server Appliance, you can provide file access via web browser for users on any platform and mobile device.

This means that remote Mac, Windows, UNIX, and mobile device users can all participate and contribute to a workflow – with powerful Spotlight search to find files fast wherever they are.

Powerful and fail-safe file server products

Perfect for mixed networks (Mac, Windows, Web clients), HELIOS Universal File Server and Virtual Server Appliance reduces your IT costs and improves the flexibility of your business.

Together they provide advanced technologies such as volume snapshots, synchronization, and Spotlight compatible metadata indexing and searches, tuned for the highest security, robustness and superior performance, with minimum CPU, memory and disk resource requirements.

The result is a system that allows users to quickly find server files by text content and metadata, a versatile file synchronisation system, server service monitoring, and unified server administration.

Secure cloud with WebShare

As a part of the HELIOS Universal Server, WebShare enables fast and secure real time remote file access via any web browser. Now authorised users can easily use your file server wherever they are, without exposing the server to the Internet and with no “Cloud” disadvantages in relation to privacy and data governance.

For image processing, ICC color management, proofing, PDF production, workflow automation, printing, and more, it greatly leverages the reach and value of the services you offer.

Personalised file and services portal

It used to be that the network was the LAN. Today, the network is the Internet. But what you get with the HELIOS web portal is:

  • Highest security and performance
  • Real time remote file access
  • Image and document proofing
  • Personalised GUI per client
  • Drag and drop file transfers.

Performance is optimised by the exclusive HELIOS “zipstream” technology, for on-the-fly zip compression and extraction. File transfers begin immediately, with no delay. Close attention to low-level network details yields extremely efficient and rapid page views and file transfers.

Drag and drop file transfers are enabled directly from the WebShare interface into a WebShare Manager project folder. WebShare Manager then coordinates the transfer and two-way synchronization of these files.

A HELIOS server with WebShare and the latest iPad Document Hub app extends the reach of your server and services to employees, partners, and customers worldwide. Convenience, collaboration, and security are enhanced, to build customer loyalty and revenue opportunities.

Find files fast!

A HELIOS search returns search results in seconds. The HELIOS Index Server search system indexes file attributes, text content, and metadata of server files. This Apple Spotlight compatible search technology enables Mac, Windows, Web, and mobile users to quickly find server files.

Unique to HELIOS is the Spotlight search support for XMP metadata. Customers can even define their own XMP panels in Photoshop and the additional metadata fields are then indexed and searchable. Find PDF, InDesign and XPress artwork as well as all major image file formats

IPTC and EXIF standards as well as XMP are fully supported. Cross-platform support includes Mac native Spotlight, Windows Explorer Spotlight extension, Web and CLI tools.

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