HELIOS - for powerful unbreakable networking

HELIOS for Unbreakable Networking

HELIOS UB64 is integrated 64-bit turnkey software providing file and print server services to Mac and Windows users.

It is proven to serve small and large numbers of client workstations extremely reliably – over many years and without downtime – and provides Internet portal file access to web and mobile device users.

World-wide network and cloud collaboration

Companies of every sort utilise file servers to provide central access to files and printers. But supporting a range of Mac, Windows, and web clients is not easy. That’s why HELIOS cross-platform server solutions, backed by 20 years of development and experience, are the preferred way to bring true cross-platform client support to any server, with fully integrated support for all desktop and mobile platforms and online.

The HELIOS solution can be installed on a public cloud server, or on your own company file server, to create a ‘private cloud’. Either way, HELIOS provides a turnkey collaboration platform.

Smart ideas for better networking

The HELIOS Product Suite consists of a range of cross-platform high-performance products to provide the highest performance server for real-time remote access with fast and powerful file-share search capability.

HELIOS is the leader in certified remote soft-proofing and annotation for PDF, images and Office documents and provides virtual file server multi-user solutions for Mac, Windows and web client.

Capabilities include a built-in indexing and search system that enables users to quickly find server files by text content and metadata, a versatile file synchronisation system, server service monitoring, and unified server administration.

Provide multi-user secure access to all intranet server volumes to download internal documents while on the go via your iPad or iPhone. No Cloud required – more secure and versatile than cloud sync apps – for online and offline use, with automated file syncing, Spotlight searches, resumable transfers, and enterprise grade security.