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More Cumulus Features to Enhance your DAM

More and more organisations are integrating their Cumulus DAM with their existing systems for content management, product / brand information management, resource planning, project management and marketing systems in order to centralise access and distribution of their assets.

The result is increased control over digital usage licensing rights and the assurance that the right file is not only used correctly but can be converted and re-used any time, anywhere. Take your assets with you: access your digital assets securely via multiple devices.

True Adobe integration with InDesign Client

First there was InDesign Extended pack – enabling page by page cataloging of InDesign layouts and now built-in to all Cumulus editions. Then came InDesign Companion that added a Cumulus menu and palette inside InDesign for smoother transitions from one application to another – enabling creatives to stay within InDesign but have Cumulus at their fingertips. Adobe Drive Adapter (pdf) for Creative Cloud was the next important step from Canto to enable designers to work from within their favourite Adobe application – Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign via Adobe Bridge.

Now with Cumulus 10.1 we have InDesign Client – the best creative publishing integration with DAM yet. It allows easy two-way access and changes made in InDesign get automatically updated and documented in Cumulus. The Cumulus InDesign Client is engineered to save time and streamline workflows. It  includes a Categories panel that shows the category tree of all open catalogs, an Information panel that shows all metadata of the record selected, and a Preview panel to see the preview of the record. And that’s not all – you can track PDFs and other derivatives generated from InDesign as they are automatically cataloged as asset variants – and findable in Cumulus.

Automate, integrate and publish anywhere

There are a bunch of Cumulus options to enhance functionality and ease of use as well as provide specialised workflow and integration capabilities. Options like RoboFlow (pdf), Roles, LDAP support, extended permissions and other add-ons provide administrators with the tools to expand on the inbuilt capabilities of Cumulus for greater asset management and control.

When combined with the powerful Canto Integration Platform (CIP) toolset, your DAM becomes the centrepiece for all your digital asset transactions throughout their lifecycle. Common integrations include:

  • a wide range of content management systems (CMS) to manage your web presence
  • brand management solutions for retail (pdf) – online publishing and print-ready catalogue production
  • hi-res video management (pdf), editing, automatic video conversion for multiple platform viewing and global video streaming, all managed within Cumulus
  • secure e-commerce with Magento (pdf) and Hybris
  • supplement Sharepoint with visuals for better content re-use, version control and distribution.

Content management on steroids

Cumulus integrates with SilverStripe, WordPress, Drupal, Magento, eSpirit, CoreMedia, Magnolia, SiteCore, Kentico and more CMS.

The combination of a Content Management System (CMS) and a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system provides more efficient processes in the creation and publication of content for websites, blogs, social media channels and other online portals. DAM and CMS integration allows for a workflow process where there is centralised control of the sourcing, acquisition and purchase of content.

‘Create content once, reuse many times’ is the key element. It lowers the costs, time, and resources needed. No duplicates! Achieve huge time savings by not duplicating resources or re-creating assets. The ability to track asset usage to acquire valuable business knowledge of where and how the content is being used is an added bonus.

When you integrate your CMS with DAM you can create new webpages, blog posts or landing pages by accessing your valuable media assets directly from your DAM. Metadata edits made in DAM are pushed through to your CMS so your files and images stay current. And you also source your images, graphics and video links for publications, presentations, etc. from the same location ensuring a coherent and consistent digital presence.

Your Cumulus DAM can dynamically provide content to the CMS, allowing the CMS to manage and deliver a personalised customer experience and to automate the customer engagement process. In the case of the public sector, it offers citizen access and participation with suitable privacy controls and governance.

Uploading and asset ordering with forms

Uploader is an add on that provides unlimited upload ability into a Cumulus solution using an simple web front end. It enables you to add assets either singly or in bulk via a web interface using a form that encourages the user to add appropriate metadata with the upload. This prevents the cataloguing of assets without relevant metadata.

Metadata can be added to individual assets or can be applied to all assets being uploaded. Upload a file, choose a category and add metadata to describe your asset – done! Easy as…!

Collect and order files via email with the Email Order system add on. The Cumulus administrator can configure the order form displays and fields. Multiple catalogues are supported as well as English, German and Spanish language support out of the box with the ability to add more.

Video = the new document. Say it with video! Engage your customers.

Cumulus Video Cloud enables automatic video conversion for multiple platform viewing and global video streaming, all managed within Cumulus. Canto also offers integration with VideoManager, a 3rd party SaaS solution for editing video content, creating slide shows, customising players and managing video ads.

The VideoManager works for your business with the best streaming on all devices with HD-quality distribution. Videos can be easily managed in the web browser, be embedded into websites, and streamed from all end devices – without extra software – an Internet connection is enough!

  • Publish video/media files in all formats and integrate with social media
  • Supports mobile clients and access via mobile devices
  • Highest standards of performance and data security
  • Supports custom metadata as well as metadata standards.

In addition, there is DataBasics Audio-Visual Solution (DAVS) that enables playback of audio and video files directly within all Cumulus web interfaces: Web Client, Sites and Portals…

Self service publishing portal

A self service publishing portal from Cumulus integrators 2imagine provides the meeting place for designers, administrators and end-users alike. This web-based system gives business users the control to upload, manage, enhance, publish and deliver dynamic rich content with minimal IT support.

Full integration with Cumulus DAM (pdf) allows you to quickly build online publications by seamlessly dragging and dropping directly from Cumulus.

Predefined Adobe InDesign documents come with a set of administrator-defined rules. Users may add a local or personal touch, but the consistency of your corporate identity will be enforced.



Cumulus and Product Information Management

The 2imagine brand management portal (pdf) provides a single point of access, with Cumulus DAM at the back-end, to manage complete product information in one central application – and in a structured way. Store commercial texts, pricing, translations, attributes, tags, links to other products for multi-lingual catalogue production.

Your users can create, edit, translate documents and export them to print (high-res PDF), to the web or to an iPad publication. It can store and show all your unique product attributes and data structures without any programming involved – with Cumulus providing the database of content.

It speaks your business language. Import and integrate data from any ERP, CRM, CMS or other knowledge system. Set up access for sales, marketing and other partners through a web browser – it is modularly scalable to adapt to any product structure. It offers advanced search functions and easy configuration of screens and of course, with Cumulus providing version control, you can be sure the data is always current and up-to-date.

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