Canto - your SaaS DAM in the cloud

More Features to Benefit your Business

Canto allows you to share your content through multiple platforms. You can create links for file to be previewed and downloaded, send them directly to a recipient’s box or Dropbox, or shared on all the most popular social platforms.

Canto enables the creation of an unlimited number of portals – each with its own unique branding and user permissions to manage access and workflow approvals.

Different roles for effective controls

Assign roles to users to manage access to your brand’s media.

  • Pilots are the administrators and get full access to are able to add users, define branding, run reports and control permissions. They can create private albums to be shared out as needed. Administrators could be the librarian or asset manager at your organisation, or another stakeholder in the team.
  • Crew members are contributors and content approvers able to upload content, assign tags, keywords and share albums.
  • Passengers have read-only access to preview, download or share assets and media files as needed.

All users can be further segmented into groups for better access and permissions management.

Extend the creativity with Canto's InDesign plug-in

Extend the creative workflow capabilities of Canto by enabling users to drag-and-drop files from Canto into InDesign to create linked assets. Users get notified when linked files have been updated and ensures new versions of files are approved before distribution.

This means you optimise your creative workflows and effectively manage the version history or every asset. Have confidence users are working only with the latest version.

Security and scalability in the cloud

Your valuable assets are safe and secure in the cloud. Canto runs on AWS (Amazon Web Services) and your valuable media assets are housed in highly secure data centres that utilise state-of-the art electronic surveillance and multi-factor access control systems.

Canto is designed to scale with your business. You may add additional storage and users at any time. Your Administrator will receive email notifications when you reach 80%, 90% and 95% of your contracted storage capacity so you know in advance if you need to expand.

In the Reports area, Administrators can see how much storage has been consumed as well as who of the Crew has contributed the content.

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