• Canto Canto Cumulus

      Canto Cumulus is a digital asset management (DAM) solution for workflow and control that simplifies the creation, management and deployment of rich media assets... Find out more >>    Web DEMO >>

  • 2imagine 2imagine 1publish

      Create a self service publishing portal with 1publish online WYSIWYG editing, using InDesign templates to provide the creative meeting place for designers, administrators and end-users alike... Find out more >>     DEMO Request >>

DataBasics   provides business consultancy with software solutions and services that improve productivity, efficiency and effectiveness in digital media management for our customers... More about us >>

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  • Picturepark Picturepark

     Picturepark offers time-saving features ready to go right out-of-the-box for scalable web-based DAM services in the cloud, hybrid or in-house - a complete solution... Find out more >>     DEMO >>

DBIB Information Bulletins

April 2014

15 April: DataBasics new blog, DAM Guru webinars, multi-lingual Cumulus, conferences and hints n tips - April DBIB. Get yours direct - email us.

  • Webinars Webinars

    Picturepark Content Lifecycle Management via Adaptive Metadata

    Not really a webinar but a step-by-step guide to how Picturepark Adaptive Metadata technology to change an asset's metadata schema throughout the content's lifecycle.

    Under the Hood - Cumulus Architecture

    Canto presents their Cumulus architecture webinar - email us for the recording link.

  • Stories Customer Stories

    B&R Enclosures is using Cumulus integrated with their ERP platform to bring order to the use of image and document assets across sales, marketing, design, engineering and manufacturing. More in IDM's story Industrial Strength DAM/ERP Integration (pdf).

News News and Events

Australian Picturepark Regional Cloud PR

5 December: Australian Picturepark Regional Cloud solution ensures fast speeds and compliance with new Privacy laws - Media release.