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What are Cumulus Portals?

by Mar 24, 2016Canto Cumulus1 comment

Portals Features

The new Portals interface creates a fresh, simplified, modern and intuitive way for general users to explore your digital assets. Portals look great, but the features also create an overall faster and more efficient experience. These include:

  • Portals offer a secure and fast file access to anyone on the web, or you can make it private requiring users to login
  • Quicksearch allows for quick way of finding your files. People are starting to move away from category search which is better for browsing, and choosing Quicksearch as a faster way to find files.

<i>Quicksearch showing the search options</i>

Quicksearch showing the search options


• Metadata can be viewed as either short form or detailed. You get the right amount of info.

• Large previews are available and multipage previews are even supported. You can add the file to the basket or to a collection or download it directly from its preview. From the film strip above, you can open further files in the detailed view.



• Collections can be created and saved by Cumulus account holders.

• Files in a Basket or Collection can be sorted by name, date and type, ascending or descending, and the visibility of categories may be controlled by Container Type.

• Collections can be private or shared or shared just with selected people.

<i>Creating and adding to Collections</i>

Creating and adding to Collections

Integration and Branding

  • Portals integrates easily with third party applications through the enhanced RESTful API
  • Because Portals has been created using CSS and HTML5 it can be adapted to reflect your brand, wether it be logos and text or the whole feel of the interface – it is all possible.



  • One of the most important aspects of web branding and marketing online is the incorporation of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). This has been fully integrated with Portals, making it possible for your Portal content to be searchable and visible through everyday search engines.
  • Developed using HTML5 and Bootstrap, Portals is responsive to any device, allowing for unlimited access to your Cumulus solution at any time, anywhere.


<i>iPhone and iPad interfaces</i>

iPhone and iPad interfaces


Written by Antra Silova, Media Specialist and Oliver Sumner, Professional Services Consultant, DataBasics

March 2016


Find out more about Cumulus 10 features.


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1 Comment

  1. John

    Hi Antra,

    I said this in LinkedIn, but i’ll post here as well…

    …of course i know lots about Portals, it’s part of my job description here at DataBasics. And there are many great things to discuss about Canto’s evolution of the web front-end… one of the best features though, above Sites, is the responsive design. With responsive design the layout will adapt to the device being used… it’s a must have for any modern user interface!

    Cheers, John


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