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User Adoption – How Can Your Vendor Help

by Sep 12, 2017Digital Asset Management0 comments

Why is user adoption important?

Simply said – ROI, improved productivity, and streamlined workflow. If users are not using the solution – no one is!

Looking back at our Top 10 Mistakes When Implementing a DAM Solution, it is clear how important users are in this equation. User buy-in, a supporting DAM manager and IT department that are willing to work together to retain this buy-in, provide greater environment for initial adoption and retention.


Why does it fail?

Inadequate training and support, and difficult to use solution.

Our latest survey of DAM users of Top 10 Most Requested DAM Features shows how highly valued are features that make user adoption easier. For example, a solution that is easy to use was voted number one most important feature. It appeals to DAM users to have a solution that allows to perform basic tasks without user training, giving basis for the success of the project.

Adapting to new technologies can be frustrating to many people.


How to increase user adoption

Establishing a platform for continuing education and training, listening and empowering users to properly apply metadata, correctly upload, download and share assets is invaluable to improving user adoption.

The more you educate, listen and learn from your DAM users, the more you will not only improve system user experience and usability, but will empower your users and maximise ROI.

Look at DAM as the infrastructure that other content distribution platforms feed from, and where users access approved and correctly managed content. More people will come into contact with the DAM, work on assets, distribute assets while still within their preferred platform, improving productivity and streamlining workflow.

Not without reason, integration was voted number 2 most important DAM feature on our recent survey.


How can your vendor help

Leading prospective customers to a satisfactory mind set when evaluating a suitable DAM solution:

  • Initial consulting and advice using experience with other customers in how solutions are adopted best removing unexpected surprises from a DAM project
  • Determining an organisation’s appetite for DAM solution and proposing a solution that fits this profile and managing user’s expectations of what will be delivered
  • Discussing the amount of money and time to invest
  • Complexity vs usability/ user adoption
  • Considering turnaround in staff and partners (agencies) … continual user adoption
  • Considering expectations of new people vs existing users. Learning new product vs stronger focus on a product.

Clear simple explanations introducing the technology to the users:

  • Bridging the technology gap
  • Listening to the customer and adjusting the solution to meet the needs
  • Training
  • Documentation

User Acceptance Testing (UAT Process) that provides a positive outcome:

  • Facilitating user adoption
  • Carefully plan the UAT process to manage users exposure to the solution and matching expectations
  • Match users expectations to the delivery schedule of functionality

Here at DataBasics our Professional Services team provides consulting to listen to the needs of the business and the users, and then develop suitable solutions based on years of knowledge garnered from the diverse industries our clients represent. Ongoing training and support is critical for user adoption and that is why we also provide training and support to ensure users derive the maximum benefit from using their DAM solution.


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