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DAVS for Audiovisual Playback

by Mar 7, 2016Canto Cumulus, DataBasics News2 comments

What is DAVS?

cinemaDataBasics Audio Video Solution (DAVS) is a Cumulus add-on or plugin. With DAVS, a customer can upload any audiovisual file into Cumulus and it will be converted to a format that will play in the Cumulus web apps such as Sites, Web Client and Portals.

This may seem to be a simple definition of what most customers would want. What if you have more complex needs, which is almost always the case? Below are some of the questions we have been asked by users wanting to extend the AV experience in Cumulus.

Possible Extensions for DAVS

    • Video trimming between predefined time periods, such as start at 23 seconds and stop at 3 minutes and 12 seconds
    • Overlaying of the final with a watermark which may show branding or to cover areas not to be seen
    • Converting the aspect ratio as some cameras work in a specific ratio and the desired outcome is for all video to be of a standard ratio
    • Convert pixel dimensions to achieve network-friendly overall size of the video to conserve bandwidth 
    • Removing audio track
    • Adding pre/post roll
    • Providing transcoded versions for download
    • Integration with CDN delivery platforms for global distribution.

DAVS is available as a low cost add-on to the Roboflow automation tool to provide basic functionality, i.e. play in web portal front ends. However, DataBasics Professional Services team is happy to consult with you to determine your desired outcome and deliver a solution to match.


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  1. Ricky Patten

    With DataBasics Audio Visual Solution (DAVS) any AV media can play in the Cumulus web portals. This delivers more content to your consumers easily.
    Ask us for more if you have a particular AV needs that is not listed in the product description. We do intend DAVS to be very responsive to the needs of our customer base.

  2. Jason

    Hello Ricky, Linda & team,

    As you know WEHI owns a Cumulus licence. However we have had an enquiry about video. We want to know if Cumulus can:

    1. Crop the video to square
    2. Add a Watermark
    3. Have this set up as hot folder or Cumulus Action to export back to user’s desktop – we do not need the video in the cloud or hosted anywhere.

    Does this require Roboflow and or DAVS? If so, let me know what we need to make this happen.


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