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Flight Hints n’ Tips

Flight Hints n’ Tips

Q. Why doesn’t Flight allow me to download in 300dpi?

*Please note: as of May 22, Flight is now Canto. All references to Flight in this article refer to Canto.


A. Flight automatically looks at the file quality and gives download options accordingly. Which means – if the file is below 300dpi resolution you will not see this option under downloads.

Download options for image less than 300dpi



Q. Where can I put my recent files I’m working on?

A. With the introduction of My Collections users can create their own personal Collection basket or light box of their favourite files, or, for example, recent files they are currently working on. You can create new, update and even delete My Collections as much as you like.


Q. Why can’t I see the checkmark on the file I’m clicking on?

A. In Branding Settings you have a choice of selecting different colours for your interface: Primary colour is the background colour of top ribbon. Secondary colour is the control button colour. These two colours should not be the same as in some circumstances they are juxtaposed.

Colour options in branding

Secondary colour representing the control button colour



Q. When do I use Relate Files?

A. You can relate files that you want to associate. Instead of adding metadata or tags to cross reference and search on, you can simply relate them. A great example is having a Model Release Form associated with an image. You can have as many related files as you like.


Q. What to put in the copyright field?

A. An easy way to mark a copyright is using the © symbol.


Example of the Copyright field

Top 10 Canto (nee Flight) Features 2016

Top 10 Canto (nee Flight) Features 2016

Please note: as of May 22, Flight is now Canto. All references to Flight in this article refer to Canto.

During 2016, Canto have released four updates to their Flight SaaS digital asset management system:

• Flight AUS (Austin),

• Flight ORD (Chicago),

• Flight MIA (Miami), and

• Flight LAS (Las Vegas).

In this blog we focus on what we consider are the top 10 features. These new features and enhancements are automatically available to all Flight customers as soon as they are released so users don’t have to wait for IT to download and install them – they are ready to be used immediately.



Digital Rights Management (DRM)

New DRM features were released with Flight AUS and covered improved copyright controls, linked terms and conditions and watermarking – the latter later enhanced with Flight ORD.

Terms & Conditions
You can add a link from your assets to your organisations’s Terms and Conditions so that Passengers can then view and accept them.

If assets already have copyright information embedded in them, you can view the existing copyright information, or you can add or edit the text in the Copyright text box.






Enhanced Watermarking

The ability to Watermark assets was made available with Flight AUS but was further enhanced with Flight ORD.

Watermarks can now be positioned in 9 different areas of an image. You can choose which area of the image you would like the watermark positioned, as well as scale it down to any desired size.


enhanced watermarking



A preview of the watermark is available in the Digital Rights Management setting. Note the checkbox for agreement with the Terms and Conditions.


enhanced watermarking



Crop Before Download

crop before download

Also released as part of Flight AUS, the Crop before Download feature means that before downloading the desired image, you can select in Advanced Options the crop area, size and file type to be downloaded – or you can simply download the original file as uploaded.

With Flight LAS, this was enhanced with Exact Crop and Resize, introduced to enable users to choose with exact precision down to the pixel. This is ideal for resizing images that need specific dimensions, like for posting on social media sites.



Video Conversion


Flight AUS saw new editing and conversion features that enable users to modify assets eg crop or zoom, and also to select a video format for conversion prior to download.

Select the desired file type for your movie download in Advanced Options.




video conversion

My Collections


My Collections was a feature released with Flight MIA and is an enhancement to the Favourites capability. You can create your own personal albums with a collection of your favourite files.

By clicking the Heart icon, the selected file is added to your My Collection folder.

my collections



Real-time Branding Preview

branding preview

Another feature with Flight MIA makes managing your brand even easier. Preview your Flight page updates in real time by clicking the new Branding icon in Settings. Test different branding options, without having to reload the page or log out of your account.




Flight ORD saw an important addition for administering your Flight accounts: self-registration. Easily add passengers to your Flight account without admin having to register new users individually.

Passengers can either receive an invitation code or register themselves with a specified email domain.




self registration



File Relationships

related files

New with Flight ORD is the ability to group together files that belong to the same theme, campaign, and project. Just select files and click on “Relate files” from the bulk edit menu.

Under the file’s information view you will see other files it is related to. This is typically used to show Talent Release or Consent forms.


Upload Links

upload links

With Flight ORD came better administrative control for content contributors.

Externals like photographers, agencies and other contributors can use a shared link to upload files even if they are not registered with the main library. Administrators can create and manage the Upload links.



Auto-Sync Portals

New auto-sync publishing portals were an important feature introduced with Flight ORD. Creating and managing them is the same as Flight’s original portals, only now they’re easier to use than ever before.

The new publishing portals will automatically sync updates to content that occur in the main library.






Integrations with MailChimp and Slack

Shortly after the Flight ORD release, Canto announced the availability of Flight integration with MailChimp – everyone’s favourite email marketing service – enabling you to build MailChimp email campaigns with Flight. Locate specific images quickly with Flight and import them directly.

The Flight LAS release now sees the integration of Flight with Slack, the popular messaging app. The Slack integration notifies you whenever files, albums or portals are added, shared, updated, changed, commented on, etc. – you choose the notifications you would like to receive. You can also share directly from Flight to the channels you select.



…the ever improving user interface


The Flight team is really committed to making Flight simple and easy to use. The general UX is improved with each new release.

For example, there is a new Settings interface; a Recently Added button at the bottom of smart album screens to see the latest uploads; click the eye icon to follow a particular file or album; keyboard shortcuts; and Easy Rename for folders and albums.


Software Maintenance

Software Maintenance

What it is and why you need it!

Just about every software vendor requires you to pay an annual fee based on a percentage of the software list price.

Gartner’s IT Glossary defines it as: “Software maintenance and support services include long-term and pay-as-you-go (incident-based) support contracts. Software support contracts include remote troubleshooting and support provided via the telephone and online channels, as well as installation assistance and basic usability assistance.”

A comprehensive support service is essential to ensure top performance of your digital asset management (DAM) infrastructure components throughout their lifecycle. Software Maintenance enables you to effectively and efficiently deploy and administer your DAM solution. It allows you to achieve the greatest return from your DAM investment.


DataBasics DAM solutions


When you purchase a digital asset management solution from DataBasics, it comes bundled with a Software Maintenance (SM) agreement for the first twelve months.  This SM agreement covers the DAM suite of software products and add-ons. After 12 months, you have the option to renew – and there are good reasons to maintain the agreement.

What it covers


1. Technical support¹

Accessible via email or phone during business hours, each new issue or query is sent or called in to the CustomerCare team so it can be actioned and a support ticket opened. Responses are provided by email, or by phone if necessary. The team of support staff are able to provide answers to operational questions, or provide advice on any software issues that operators may encounter in their standard day-to-day usage of the solution.

This means that anyone can contact technical support and ask for:

  • assistance in resolving issues occurring during standard operation of the software or issues that arise with functionality
  • assistance in diagnosing potential bugs within the software
  • advice on performing minor and technically simple modifications

2. Free product updates and new releases²

Canto developers apply agile methodologies in the development of the Cumulus suite and release regular updates, usually quarterly, with a major release available once a year. New versions to accommodate operating system changes and to provide significant enhancements to the software are usually released every 2-3 years.

As part of their SM agreement, customers are entitled to access these releases free of charge. You are kept informed when these are released and have the opportunity to update to the latest version. DataBasics Professional Services team can discuss your current implementation with you and provide a quote to assist you with the update/upgrade so there is minimal impact on your day-to-day business.

Software Maintenance renewals


After 12 months, the Software Maintenance agreement comes up for renewal.

If you choose not to renew and your SM expires, then you lose all support and updates. Sooner or later, if you have made a significant investment in your DAM, you will want to upgrade – either to add new functionality, take advantage of enhancements and the like.

Then it’s crunch time.  To renew SM after it has lapsed will cost at least 35% of the original price – more if the agreement has lapsed for over one year.



With updates to operating systems and new ways of working coming onstream all the time, can anyone afford to let their major software investments languish? Especially if they form part of mission critical operations in the organisation.

Even if you want to forego updating versions every year and your staff are trained up, what happens if people leave or you want to expand usage?  Can you afford not to have support?

All software vendors eventually cease support of older products. So if you are tempted to let your SM lapse with plans to sign up again when the next version is released, make sure you understand what’s involved so you can determine whether this will really save you money.  Remember, if you cancel your agreement you may not be eligible for special promotions.

Maintenance fees are like insurance. We all wish we didn’t have to pay them, but when we need it, we’re very glad it’s there. So just add the SM fee into your annual budget and leave it there!

¹ DataBasics provides technical support via our CustomerCare centre – accessible via email or phone during business hours. Each new issue or query is sent or called in to the support team so it can be tracked – queries can be sent by email to [email protected] or call 1300 886 238 (+617 3733 1510) if urgent.

² With each major release, which is tested first by our technical team, DataBasics sends out an Annual Update Delivery email to all Cumulus administrators with a current SM agreement.  This email documents the changes, what’s new, the enhancements and includes links to What’s New blogs, Release Notes and other relevant material.

Flight DAM and WordPress CMS integration

Flight DAM and WordPress CMS integration

WordPress and your Flight library

WordPress is one of the best web content management development systems around – thousands of websites around the world use it as their Content Management System (CMS) and many organisations also use it for their blogs. So it makes sense to integrate it with a digital asset management system like Flight that can handle your CMS image library requirements and publish content directly from the cloud to your website or blog.

Hello WordPress

<small><i>The Flight WordPress plugin Add Media button </i></small>

The Flight WordPress plugin Add Media button

WordPress has some great features however in the WP media library there is no real way to organise files once they’re in there. No folders, no categories and it’s hard to leave notes and comments, etc.

That’s where Flight comes in. Easy to use, easy to find things, great intuitive interface.

It’s as simple as using the Add Media button in the WordPress plugin to access your Flight library directly and choose a file to publish.

You can browse your Flight library using the folder menu or Global Search to find exactly what you need by searching text, keywords, description, file name, comments or even people who uploaded.

Flight has powerful search capabilities, with different ways to categorise and to collaborate. Comments, approval status, keywords, tags, versions – all in one place in Flight in the file details view. An image can be placed in different albums but it will only count the space once.

Hello Flight

<small><i>Flight Search options</i/</small>

Flight Search options

In Attachment Details you can add all the info you might want. Add Alternate Text for better SEO and embed in the correct size.

Adding details

<small><i>Flight screen display showing Attachment details</i></small>

Flight screen display showing Attachment details

The selected image gets embedded into WordPress and saved to the WP library. After you click Update, you’ll see it embedded in your page or blog post.  In the WP media library display, you’ll see that you own that image on your website which is an important feature for Google SEO.

Embedding the image



Flight is aWP Webpagelways up to date with the latest WordPress features. Canto works directly with their own in-house WordPress gurus, making this plug-in very WP friendly.


Source: Much of this material comes from the recent webinar hosted by Canto’s Ian Ray: https://www.canto.com/flight/dam-resources/wordpress-media-library-dam-webinar


What’s New in Flight AUS?

What’s New in Flight AUS?

Canto have just released their AUS (for Austin, Texas!) release of Flight. This latest release gives users many new BIG features, such as digital rights management capabilities with embedded watermarks, Copyright controls and ability to attach your organisation’s Terms & Conditions, and new editing and conversion features prior to download – to smaller but significant features such as setting a time zone and screen auto-refresh after upload.   But first – the big features!

Digital Right Management

Linking your Terms & Conditions

You can add a link to your assets to your company’s Terms and Conditions so that Passengers can then view and accept them.


Asset Information window with Terms and Conditions box

Asset Information window with Terms and Conditions box

Copyright controls

If assets already have copyright information embedded in them, you can view the existing copyright information or you can add or edit the text in the Copyright text box.

Asset Information window with Copyright box

Asset Information window with Copyright box


Upload a watermark you would like to use and watermark individual assets – you can decide where to show the watermark on the asset.

Asset Information window with watermarking box

Asset Information window with watermarking box




You can allow Passengers to download the original file but the same file would be watermarked when accessed in your portals.

Editing and Conversion Features

Other improvements with the new release include editing and conversion features enabling users to modify assets eg crop or zoom, and to select a video format prior to download.

Crop Before Download

Before downloading the desired image you can select in Advanced Options the crop area, size and file type to be downloaded – or you can simply download the original file as uploaded.

Asset editing before download

Asset editing before download

Video Conversion

Select the desired file type for your movie download in Advanced Options.

Movie conversion before download

Movie conversion before download

And Yet More…

With this release of Flight AUS release, Canto is really putting a focus on user experience. In addition you can also:
• set a time zone so that expiration dates etc match your preferred date and time
• auto-refresh after upload so you see changes or new assets immediately
• browse folders and albums faster with increased processing power
• get a single sign-on option.

It is still simply the best and easiest to use cloud DAM but with added features that enhance and expand the user’s experience.


Written by Antra Silova, Media Specialist DataBasics, March 2016


More information about Flight and comparison with Cumulus.

DataBasics Flight Corporate Fact sheet.

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