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Canto – a new look

by May 21, 2018Canto News, DataBasics News, Flight by Canto0 comments

Today, Jack McGannon, CEO of Canto, announced that, moving forward Canto will now refer not only to the company name but also to their SaaS digital asset management product formerly known as “Flight by Canto” or “Flight”.

We believe it’s an exciting change that will simplify the user experience – by keeping the product and company name as one.

Your trusted digital asset management software you rely on to manage your organisation’s modern media/ image library will offer the same great benefits.

Active customer accounts will shift from companyname.cantoflight.com to companyname.canto.com. You may start to login today to your new shorter .canto.com URL. Please note that both URLs will work in parallel during a transition period.  A series of notifications will be given in advance, prior to sunsetting the cantoflight.com access in the coming months.

Let us know if you have any questions or comments info@databasics.com.au

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