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What’s New in Flight CDG

Again Canto has delivered some new and exciting features and updates with the latest Flight release: Flight CDG. New key updates and features include:
• Smart tags • Preview the entire PPT presentation • Enhanced password policies • Add watermark when sharing • More on using direct URLs of images and videos • And more. …read more

Flight DAM and WordPress CMS integration


Now you can publish photos and videos to your WordPress media library and website using Canto’s SaaS digital asset management system, Flight. Flight’s native integrated WP plug-in allows to easily find, publish images from Flight to your WordPress website or blog.
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Integration: Cumulus DAM and CMS

DataBasics recently conducted a short survey of our many Cumulus users to determine if there is an interest or need for integration between their chosen digital asset management system Cumulus, and their content management system or CMS – if they have one. The results were interesting. Based on the survey results, shared resources is the number one benefit reported by the majority of the responders, with content reuse, time savings and personalised content delivery coming in next….read more

Digital Asset Management: What is it and why is it important for GLAMs


Within the GLAMs sector, Information and Collection Managers play an important role in managing and maintaining historical records and all business information. In the past this related to documenting physical collections and artifacts and storing text-based data about each item in a Collection Management System (CMS). With the rise in digital imaging and the need to now manage digitised files of images, photos, graphics and presentations, an emerging trend is the integration of CMS with DAM – Digital Asset Management solutions. …read more