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Flight Hints n’ Tips

Flight Hints n’ Tips

Q. Why doesn’t Flight allow me to download in 300dpi?

*Please note: as of May 22, Flight is now Canto. All references to Flight in this article refer to Canto.


A. Flight automatically looks at the file quality and gives download options accordingly. Which means – if the file is below 300dpi resolution you will not see this option under downloads.

Download options for image less than 300dpi



Q. Where can I put my recent files I’m working on?

A. With the introduction of My Collections users can create their own personal Collection basket or light box of their favourite files, or, for example, recent files they are currently working on. You can create new, update and even delete My Collections as much as you like.


Q. Why can’t I see the checkmark on the file I’m clicking on?

A. In Branding Settings you have a choice of selecting different colours for your interface: Primary colour is the background colour of top ribbon. Secondary colour is the control button colour. These two colours should not be the same as in some circumstances they are juxtaposed.

Colour options in branding

Secondary colour representing the control button colour



Q. When do I use Relate Files?

A. You can relate files that you want to associate. Instead of adding metadata or tags to cross reference and search on, you can simply relate them. A great example is having a Model Release Form associated with an image. You can have as many related files as you like.


Q. What to put in the copyright field?

A. An easy way to mark a copyright is using the © symbol.


Example of the Copyright field

What’s New in Flight AUS?

What’s New in Flight AUS?

Canto have just released their AUS (for Austin, Texas!) release of Flight. This latest release gives users many new BIG features, such as digital rights management capabilities with embedded watermarks, Copyright controls and ability to attach your organisation’s Terms & Conditions, and new editing and conversion features prior to download – to smaller but significant features such as setting a time zone and screen auto-refresh after upload.   But first – the big features!

Digital Right Management

Linking your Terms & Conditions

You can add a link to your assets to your company’s Terms and Conditions so that Passengers can then view and accept them.


Asset Information window with Terms and Conditions box

Asset Information window with Terms and Conditions box

Copyright controls

If assets already have copyright information embedded in them, you can view the existing copyright information or you can add or edit the text in the Copyright text box.

Asset Information window with Copyright box

Asset Information window with Copyright box


Upload a watermark you would like to use and watermark individual assets – you can decide where to show the watermark on the asset.

Asset Information window with watermarking box

Asset Information window with watermarking box




You can allow Passengers to download the original file but the same file would be watermarked when accessed in your portals.

Editing and Conversion Features

Other improvements with the new release include editing and conversion features enabling users to modify assets eg crop or zoom, and to select a video format prior to download.

Crop Before Download

Before downloading the desired image you can select in Advanced Options the crop area, size and file type to be downloaded – or you can simply download the original file as uploaded.

Asset editing before download

Asset editing before download

Video Conversion

Select the desired file type for your movie download in Advanced Options.

Movie conversion before download

Movie conversion before download

And Yet More…

With this release of Flight AUS release, Canto is really putting a focus on user experience. In addition you can also:
• set a time zone so that expiration dates etc match your preferred date and time
• auto-refresh after upload so you see changes or new assets immediately
• browse folders and albums faster with increased processing power
• get a single sign-on option.

It is still simply the best and easiest to use cloud DAM but with added features that enhance and expand the user’s experience.


Written by Antra Silova, Media Specialist DataBasics, March 2016


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