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Cross-Platform Networking Solutions

High performance file server networking across all OS

The HELIOS Universal File Server provides a toolkit for single file server solution for any type of client computer and mobile device. Their cross-platform server solutions, backed by 20 years of development and experience, are the preferred way to bring true cross-platform client support to any server, with fully integrated support for Mac, Windows, and web clients, on your desktop or mobile device. DataBasics works with HELIOS to provide powerful archive, asset management and workflow solutions.

HELIOS file server solutions are used extensively in mission-critical environments such as newspapers and supermarkets, where high data volume, and unyielding deadlines leave no margin for failure. The designed reliability and server fail safety allows great scalability to support hundreds of users, and millions of files.

HELIOS servers are relied upon in aerospace, government, retail, insurance, cosmetics, music, and other enterprises, as well as ad agencies, book, magazine, and newspaper publishers, and printers.

Mobile apps for on-the-go access

The Document Hub is an app for iOS/iPad and Android that allows access to intranet file server volumes to present and use server documents online and offline. Built-in file synchronisation ensures that server files are automatically updated on mobile devices.

WebShare is the underlying server infrastructure to make defined file server data securely available to Document Hub users. Intranet users use native file server volumes to access the data, remote WebShare users can use a web browser for access, and Document Hub users have native app access.

High security is provided by a two-tier server application. The WebShare Web Server handles the Internet communication on a separate server to ensure that the main file server is not exposed to the Internet.

Going virtual

The Virtual Server Appliance is an innovative file server appliance to be deployed in virtual machine (VM) environments. It utilises Spotlight searches to find files, content and metadata within seconds from any Mac, Windows and remote web browser based client.

The Index Server indexes files and folders, images, Office documents, media files, and IPTC and XMP metadata.

Reduce your IT costs and improve the flexibility of your business with HELIOS networking solutions.

Automated capabilities for large imaging tasks for design and prepress

Imaging tasks can be automated via ‘hot folders’ and OPI image replacement. It is designed to shift very CPU-intensive image processing tasks from desktops to servers.

ImageServer is of key importance to the prepress, advertising, digital libraries, web based, medical, educational and creative media marketplaces. Together with tools such as PDF HandShake and PrintPreview HELIOS brings efficiency and advanced capabilities to design, prepress and printing operations.

As a general purpose and very powerful image conversion engine, a HELIOS image server solution can convert file format, resolution, colour space, and compression. Metadata is preserved during such conversions and can be extracted or inserted as well.

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