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Managed Hosted DAM Solutions

Put your DAM in the cloud: we’ll manage it for you

An image library is now seen as a business necessity for managing corporate and organisations assets and for many organisations, the bandwidth and accessibility of the cloud is essential for making their digital assets quickly and easily available.

DataBasics partnered with Axelera, a cloud hosting provider, to not only provide hosting for the Cumulus solution, but to fully manage the DAM application for our customers – including all optimisation, maintenance and provisioning. This has a very positive impact on the price and the cost of the service.

The result is essentially a private cloud – it delivers similar advantages to public cloud, including scalability and self-service, but behind a firewall. Public cloud services like Amazon (AWS) – which is also available if required – deliver services to multiple organisations whereas a private cloud can be dedicated. The software and services are purchased and therefore “owned” rather than provided by subscription. Identity-based security helps ensure only authorised people get access.

Cloud hosting is quick to deploy!

People are impressed by the turnaround time. DataBasics will have the solution up and running within one month. It’s as simple as choosing an off the shelf package. By providing DAM in a hosted secure environment, we can ensure digital assets are being stored and maintained correctly, and can be distributed and re-purposed effectively.

DataBasics technical team works closely with the Axelera techs to optimise the solution and provide a framework for responses to customer requests to alter configuration settings and preferences.

A local host for local governance

To comply with Australian privacy and data management requirements, DataBasics needed to work with a cloud partner that could ensure all data was stored and managed within Australia.

Axelera are Australian owned, Australian serviced and offer an Australian-housed solution, which means they meet all of the governance criteria required, particularly for Australian public sector agencies.

OPTIONS: Cloud hosting or hybrid solution? How much risk is too much?

Not quite sure about the cloud? Want to ensure you maintain control over your digital assets? Need to integrate with other systems and databases?

Companies need to assess their business needs and infrastructure before taking a decision on cloud or on-premise deployment. Part of the solution consulting that DataBasics employs when first engaging with prospective customers is to discuss their networking/storage concerns and capabilities and provide a solution that matches their needs and expectations and integrates the DAM with their existing systems.

So if a cloud solution is too much risk for you, but you cannot support an on-premise solution, then a hybrid solution is the answer.

A hybrid solution offers you a mix of cloud and on-premise solutions – it suits those who need a platform that encompasses external resources, enterprise applications and internal databases working together with the new world of mobile, social media and big data. A hybrid solution makes that happen seamlessly and securely.

Hybrid Cloud with Axelera or CDN. Your choice!

An alternative Hybrid Cloud solution can be provided by having a Cumulus server on-premise within your local network, with replication to an Axelera server in the cloud. This is a great option for design teams and agencies where local access is important during the creative design phase but cloud based distribution is required.

Implementing a DAM solution with a CDN may be the perfect option for your business if you have users accessing content over large geographical distances. Cumulus integrates with Microsoft Azure CDN and Amazon S3 storage seamlessly – you may choose to store all of your assets in the cloud or store assets in the cloud and on-premise for a hybrid solution.

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