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Integrated DAM Solutions

Putting DAM at the centre

Integrated digital asset management means making DAM the centre of your organisation. It means aligning your workflows and business processes to

  • improve collaboration and communication
  • reduce time and cost of content production by sharing and re-use
  • enabling efficiencies across teams and operations
  • manage information governance and data control.

Digital asset management is the process of storing, tracking, finding and using your valuable brand and organisational assets in a well-organised, efficient manner, from a centralised location. It helps you protect your digital assets, ensures efficiency and ultimately improves your bottom line. It enables the re-purposing and re-use of those assets to save time and money.

Developing a DAM strategy

Implementing a sound digital asset management strategy integrated with your existing infrastructure has many benefits. It leaves organisations better able to

  • differentiate from competitors
  • improves internal communications
  • allows for effective delivery of brand/product messages and
  • delivers better record-keeping.

There are two vital elements that a DAM system must provide

  • controlled creation and capture of asset metadata
  • efficient front-end workflow management.

DataBasics delivers web-based solutions that give business users the control to upload, manage, enhance, publish and deliver dynamic rich content with minimal IT support or with full administrative control.

Integration is the key

Powerful API tools allow you to easily integrate and extend your Cumulus solution into the existing software and services on which your team already depends.

Working with InDesign, Photoshop and other Adobe applications?

Drag and drop directly from Cumulus from within these programs and save the layouts and presentations back into Cumulus as work-in-progress or completed files.

Already have a content management system (CMS)?

Connect Cumulus to any standard or custom platform or protocol using the Canto Integration Platform (CIP). CIP provides standard integrations to a number of CMS, PIM, and other enterprise solutions like Sharepoint, ERP or Cloud tools.

Bridge the gap between DAM and the user interface

In order to leverage the full benefits of enterprise DAM, companies have been required to create custom integrations between their DAM solution and enterprise systems, such as content management systems (CMS), project management, marketing automation, ERP, ecommerce and publishing applications.

The Cumulus API solves the issue of time, cost and complexity for creating these integrations, while providing an unparalleled level of interoperability.

  • Application solutions can be developed in multiple programming languages to connect Cumulus to web sites, mobile and enterprise apps. to provide a single point of contact for better user engagement.
  • Public sector agencies can provide for content crowdsourcing and citizen access via public kiosks.
  • Marketers can collaborate and approve work in progress with external agencies.
  • Industrials can link to e-commerce systems for shared content access.
  • Retailers can develop catalogues for online shopping.
  • All from the one digital asset management system.

CIP permission rules control access. You can preview all assets and read metadata fields in any Cumulus catalogue and access the entire product functionality available in Cumulus, such as editing and updating – from within 3rd party systems.

What’s under the hood?

The Canto Integration Platform (CIP) provides access to RESTful and SOAP web services. The CIP API is leveraged for projects for Android, iOS, .NET, PHP, JavaScript, Flex. In addition to named programming languages JavaScript, C #, Flex / ActionScript, Java, Objective-C, PHP, other major languages can be used.

Since CIP is fully documented, you can use your own in-house resources for implementation. Just add the Canto Integration Platform license to your existing Cumulus installation and start building individual solutions for your applications. Programming examples for iOS, PHP and JavaScript are included.

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