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DAM for Government

Manage your digital media assets to transform and streamline the business of government

The management, secure access and distribution of digital media is increasingly important throughout the public sector, and at all levels. Images and graphics are used in everyday internal and external publications in PDF and Office formats; video and audio are used on websites and presentations.

Do you have the relevant permissions and consent forms to use photos and other media? Is citizen access and content crowdsourcing important for you? A digital asset management system can provide the tools you need to control your content as well as provide managed access.

Better service delivery

Public sector IT service delivery is complex… good governance practices are enabling for agencies trying to comply with policies and strategies.

Who knows where your assets are and how to locate them? If a digital image or video file resides in a network folder, is it discoverable – and more importantly, can you share it?? Every government agency, utility and educational organisation needs to understand the media management challenge.

A digital asset management system will ensure that assets are securely stored and associated metadata can easily be exported or used across systems. Make sure the right assets are used by the right people at the right time, and they are up to date and accurate.

On-premise, in the Cloud or Hybrid - somewhere in-between?

Are you looking at cloud hosting services to speed your delivery without internal IT and management costs?

Are you concerned about privacy and data security and prefer an on-premise solution?

Do you need to provide mobile access for services delivery?

Agencies need a DAM solution that is fit for purpose – in the cloud vs on-premise, lightweight or enterprise-scale, with the related risks and benefits clearly known. Without a structured approach to managing digital data, agencies are exposed to risks and staff performance is hampered. DataBasics can assist with determining the best solution for your needs.

DAM for local councils, government agencies, universities

Effectively manage and distribute your agency’s digital assets by the provision of a central asset location with version control and proper rights management.

Guide, direct and control how digital assets are used with data governance. Improve citizen access to content and services.

Automate processes, increase collaboration and improve public services. Archive and track files more securely, easily search and retrieve information on file.

Create and deliver consistent citizen service across all channels, including web, mobile and social media.

DAM for collection managers, archivists and librarians

Are you uploading, categorising, and monitoring your digital assets for immediate use and long-term preservation? Digital asset management ensures the authenticity and digital provenance of digital assets.

When you’re cataloguing, describing and managing complex digital records, it is imperative that there be an easy way to categorise, enter metadata, search, and analyse.

Improve the slow and out-dated methods when managing and consolidating many types of digital files.

Monitor digital resources with categorisation, proper arrangement and description, while also facilitating access for the appropriate users. Create unique metadata fields that help you organise files.


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