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DAM for Business

DAM is more than just a marketing solution to make your job easier

Imagine a single photo, taken by a freelance photographer, undergoing some initial retouching, uploaded to a client’s corporate network, reviewed, commented on and changed, all before being searched, retrieved, and used in a marketing campaign. Repeat that thousands of times.

DAM for engineers, architects, designers and photographers

Organisations in nearly every industry could benefit from adopting solutions that better promote the creation, organisation and distribution of content across enterprise.

Whether it is an employee, supervisor, subcontractor or client who is looking to access a blueprint or job site photograph, these assets can be readily available and easily accessible within a DAM in order to keep a project moving along at a productive pace.

DAM will not only allow end users to view files, such as CAD, product cut-sheets, digital photography, and others, but to also make necessary edits in a collaborative manner, especially when multiple parties are required to provide input on a project checkpoint.

It is hard to imagine a more fitting field for DAM than in a business segment where critical, collaborative files are constantly on the move throughout the network – an expansive web of devices and applications that now includes mobile elements.

DAM for marketers and brand managers

When you’re working with hundreds of graphics and logos, managing your organisation’s brand, and executing multiple marketing campaigns, quickly finding digital assets can be a challenge. Sharing your assets with others, including colleagues, partners, graphic designers, can be an even bigger issue.

How do you handle this torrent of creative assets? How do you manage an increasing number of stakeholders and their different requirements?

The answer is workflow!

Workflows let you build processes around the access, management and distribution of your digital assets.

The simple ad-hoc collaboration workflows let you share a selection of files using a download collection. You can ask your external contributors to upload their work using an upload collection. You can comment and annotate on the status of a file. Mention other users to get their immediate attention. Subscribe to files to stay informed on file changes.

Status-based workflows let you create permission templates. Such a workflow consists of states, activities, and assignments. A user invokes an activity to transition a file from one state to another. Conditions might need to be met to execute an activity. Make your files go through a defined approval process before they are approved for usage.

Integration workflows let you manage your processes by integrating your DAM with other systems, like CMS, PIM, eCommerce and other systems to exchange data without user interaction. Have your files ingested automatically from different sources.

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