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Solutions for DAM and High Performance Networking

The quantity of digital assets within organisations has grown beyond all imagining and DAM has become one of the mainstream areas of enterprise IT.

DataBasics supplies digital asset management, asset collaboration solutions and services to ensure operational excellence by

  • improving communication,
  • enhancing workflow efficiency,
  • reducing time and cost of content production, and
  • lowering operating costs.

DataBasics also provides high performance networking solutions for on-the-go access to your file server and for collaboration and delivery of content across all platforms and devices.

We have two great digital asset management solutions – one for big needs the other for smaller needs. How do you choose which one is best for you? Read more…

Managing digital media better

Where does media live in your organisation? With the explosion of use of images, video and audio in everyday applications every organisation needs to understand the media management challenge.

As organisations look for ways to cut costs, increase their ROI, and boost their operations, many are taking a look at how to better manage their digital assets and developing a workflow for access, control, sharing, and distribution of those digital assets.

Knowing the digital asset lifecycle and setting up the necessary permissions and approvals required to provide effective content rights management is a small part of what we do.

DataBasics works with you to implement the right solution with all the tools you need for a complete enterprise-scale integrated system that will form the heart of your organisation.

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It’s all about the assets. How do you find it when you need it?

If it’s a digital image or video file sitting in a network folder, has it been correctly labelled and is it able to be discovered? Moving from a haphazard to a media-centric approach has some important payoffs, beyond just ensuring you can find it when you need it. We are serious about empowering you with the means to ensure your valuable assets are preserved and enriched so you can deliver content more effectively and efficiently.

  • How can your internal communications team do their job without the ability to locate visual assets quickly and easily?
  • Where do the sales and marketing team go when they are looking for up-to-date collateral for presentations to clients?
  • How do your staff locate necessary material for training and product support?

MarComms professionals face a multi-layered challenge in sourcing and delivering media that is accurate, appropriate and correctly formatted for different platforms. They must be able to

  • collaborate with designers and editors working inside or outside the firewall
    • carefully manage the licensing and copyright attributes of the graphics, images, video and audio media being used
    • control workflows and meet tight deadlines.

Let DataBasics show you an instant-on solution for all your basic brand management needs so your creatives can do what they do best.

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Cross-platform networking integration and collaboration

DataBasics can provide a turnkey software solution for all major server platforms to provide file and print server services to Mac and Windows users, and Internet portal file access to web and mobile device users.

It enables different network client platforms to share the same server volumes, and offers compatibility and performance advantages of all client protocols.

Talk to us about implementing a collaboration platform with these business productivity features:

  • Modern drag and drop file transfer workflows with syncing
  • Syncing files and folders to mobile users
  • Multi-user document reviewing with annotations
  • Web browser based remote proofing
  • Access to remote volumes over the Internet for Mac and Windows clients.
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