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Technical Services for DAM Implementation

Every good solution comes with a spanner

Why should your organisation turn to DataBasics to install, support and manage a specific business solution? Can’t IT do the job?

Well, maybe, but your internal IT team or service provider is probably already flat out with the job of delivering and managing the systems you need to support your business processes.

Most organisations have a standard operating environment that is generic and designed to handle a broad range of systems. The team involved in maintaining such an environment is required to have general knowledge of many systems and may have little time to become experts in any one of them.

Technical experts for powerful solutions

It is DataBasics Technical Services team that implements the solution design developed by the Professional Services team in close cooperation with you the customer.

The Technical Services team are responsible for installation, configuration and registration of the software and may also be engaged to deliver software updates and upgrades and to configure any add-ons or modules that supplement the solution.

The technical team provides a range of separate services to assist with your DAM and networking solutions:

  • CustomerCare and PremiumCare – standard software support and extra special care
  • Managed Services – when you don’t have IT or need a technical partner
  • Hosted Services – in cooperation with our cloud service providers Axelera.
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