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CustomerCare and PremiumCare


CustomerCare is included with the annual Canto subscription and the Software Maintenance agreement for our Cumulus customers. It provides for access to technical support via our CustomerCare centre. DataBasics database tracks queries until resolution and ensures a timely response.

Each new issue or query is sent or called in to the support team so it can be tracked – queries can be sent by email to helpdesk@databasics.com.au Call 1300 886 238 (+617 3733 1510) if urgent. Support responses are provided by email, or by phone if necessary.

CustomerCare includes:

  • assistance in resolving issues occurring during standard operation of the software or issues that arise with functionality
  • assistance in diagnosing potential bugs within the software
  • advise on performing minor and technically simple modifications.

For more information please refer to the Fair Usage Policy (pdf).

PremiumCare for that little bit extra

PremiumCare is an advanced level of customer service that extends beyond basic service activities like CustomerCare. PremiumCare takes into account the wider operational environment and intended usage of your solution within that environment.

With a PremiumCare agreement in place, DataBasics support team can provide a higher level of user satisfaction with the general day to day operational challenges associated with any business solution.

This Premium maintenance is there to supplement or even replace the investment in a dedicated solution expert to ensure maximal return on investment. It covers:

  • Elevated rating of support request
  • Additional time limit to support request
  • Modifications to a solution based upon support requests.

A current Canto subscription or Cumulus Software Maintenance agreement is a prerequisite for PremiumCare.

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