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Professional Services for Solution Development

We listen, we deliver

DataBasics Professional Services team has the technical expertise and practical experience to smoothly move your project from concept, to implementation, to knowledge transfer so you can quickly realise the business benefits of your digital asset management solution.

DataBasics will work with you to verify successful completion of each step, ensuring your project delivers the desired results – on time and within budget.

Requirements and business change over time. Your DAM needs to reflect those changes and remain current. The Professional Services team provides ongoing solution reviews and development as well as DAM health checks and technical assessments.

DAM solution planning

So you need a digital asset management system. With DataBasics as your consultant, we will work with you to manage your DAM project from start to finish. Our Professional Services team will outline the project together with you according to your individual requirements.

Your strategic objectives will determine your project’s scope. Is there a deadline for implementation? What features do I need and when? When would be a good time for file migration? Good structure is the key.

The first step in a successful DAM implementation is a detailed assessment of your current business processes, desired results, technical infrastructure, and resources needed.

As well as gathering business requirements, it is essential that users are consulted to obtain buy-in and acceptance of the solution.

Solution design and workflow analysis

Solution design and workflows are developed by the Professional Services team as a result of the initial consultations. These are presented to business stakeholders for approval and sign off. When consensus is reached on the solution details and planned delivery, the configuration details are delivered to DataBasics Technical Services team for implementation.

Workflow customisation, integration and related implementation services are provided as determined by the solution design. Integration planning with other applications, such as Content Management Systems, ERP or e-commerce solutions may be outlined as milestones for phased delivery.

QA, documentation and training

DataBasics will do the solution QA testing and user acceptance testing to ensure the built solution matches the planned design and the resulting solution is what was expected. Documentation is prepared during these stages and staff are given preliminary training in order to be able to effectively assess and approve the design.

The long-term success of the solution depends on the knowledge transfer between DataBasics and the customer. We will create content and deliver training for administrators, power users and general users to ensure your staff, internal and external, and/or your clients are familiar with the solution.

We can deliver training updates for new and existing staff about features of updates and new versions of the software. We will help you to get the most out of your investment. Administration and User Training documentation is supplied with the onsite training courses for Cumulus, to complement the online help available at help.canto.com.

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