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Managed Services for DAM Peace of Mind

Forget your in-house IT woes. Simplify the management of your solution

As a superset of Software Maintenance, DataBasics Managed Services deliver instant expertise, technology, processes and support to help with all aspects of the management of your digital asset management solution.

It includes proactive monitoring of the solution, implementing updates and responding to customer requests for alterations to the system settings/ preferences within the solution’s known operational state.

DAM outsourcing to lower costs

By outsourcing the services to support a business application such as DAM the customer can reduce costs and achieve a better outcome based upon dedicated DAM administrators supporting the application.

Managed Services provides a framework for responses to customer requests to alter configuration settings and preferences that are deemed to be within the known operational state of the solution, i.e. after implementation and outside day to day support questions.

A current Software Maintenance (SM) agreement is a prerequisite for Managed Services. What you get in addition to the standard support offered is:

  • Regular monitoring and maintenance of an existing solution to ensure optimal operation
  • Altering the configuration of the existing solution as per customer’s requests
  • Software updates.

Our expertise. Your benefits.

Lower your costs by eliminating training costs, allocation of resources and other expenses related to business application maintenance.

Receive a guaranteed service level. Your solution troubles become our solution troubles.

Increase efficiency by freeing up your time and resources for your core business needs.

Regularly updated and monitored software will reduce costs of unplanned, costly maintenance.

Please see Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) (pdf) and the Service Level Agreement for more details (SLA) (pdf).

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