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Hosted Services for Cloudy DAM

A virtual solution that’s very real

DataBasics has partnered with Australian cloud service provider Axelera to provide Hosted Services for our digital asset management customers. Axelera’s cloud services, application hosting and managed IT solutions help our customers make the most of scalable, on-demand, and flexible technology.

DataBasics can assist with moving from an on-premise DAM to a managed hosted cloud or hybrid cloud solution that offers strong financial and management benefits.

Security, reliability and performance are at the core of Axelera operations and they strive to offer the most technologically advanced hosting solutions available, ensuring high security and performance.

DataBasics Cumulus Image Library, Web Client and Uploader demos run on Axelera and we have an increasing number of existing and new customers moving to a cloud DAM solution to manage their digital assets.

Focus on what’s important

Combined with hands-on support from our team of qualified specialists, it is the ideal combination to execute your cloud and IT strategy.

DataBasics managed services add value and enable us to monitor the performance of applications and infrastructure, providing alerts to address problems before they occur. The services keep business operational 24 x 7 by hosting, managing and maintaining all virtual machines, backups, upgrades, monitoring and reporting. Customers benefit also from infrastructure flexibility, high availability, and business mobility.

Our customers focus on their business as they rely on Axelera’s enterprise grade virtualisation platform with security and performance features simply not available in other solutions.

IaaS or what?

Infrastructure as-a-Service or IaaS is a combination of hardware servers, storage, software and networks expertly managed and maintained by the specialist cloud services provider, Axelera.

The team at Axelera performs scheduled maintenance, administrative tasks, backup planning, system monitoring and many other services for total management of the infrastructure. Their IaaS is not just a commodity but a complete tailored service. DataBasics technical team manages the Cumulus DAM application to ensure that the business processes are supported reliably and efficiently in partnership with Axelera.

Axelera offers 100% Australian datacentres backed by local talent and proactive support 24x7x365.

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