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DataBasics Services to Support your DAM

Specialised skills for special applications

Introducing new applications and evolving business processes requires specialised skills. It demands intimate familiarity with the tools and techniques that can revolutionise your business processes and add new capabilities.

Systems implemented without this expertise may never achieve their real potential and fail to deliver the benefits that were expected.

Designing and delivering solutions for digital asset management, image library repository development, multimedia management and retrieval for effective workflow is a specialised task. We have the Professional and Technical Services teams to help – whether it be onsite, working with your team or by accessing your server remotely.

Types of services supplied may include: pre-deployment workflow, technical consulting, post-deployment workflow, regular training, private cloud support, ongoing continuous development, upgrades, and solution reviews.

NOTE: DataBasics Services may be delivered onsite or remotely and our Terms of Trade are designed to cover the circumstances by which DataBasics staff may offer their services.

To ensure the development and testing maximises the compatibilities of our product before delivery to customers the building of standard operating environment (SOE) is established. 

Selecting DataBasics to take you on the journey delivers unique skills and expertise earned in thousands of hours spent designing and delivering solutions across the region. We can ensure that business goals are met and true solutions are delivered on time and on budget, leaving your organisation with the knowledge and capabilities to manage and safeguard your intellectual property and make it work for you.

Professionals to develop your solution

The services that DataBasics delivers comprise a mix of solution consulting, implementation planning, administration and user training as required. Services may be provided onsite so that your team can work directly with our experts, especially for training, or remotely to ensure you don’t get caught with tricky technical issues. Professional services cover

  • business planning, project consultation, solution design and planning
  • workflow customisation, integration and related implementation services
  • administrator, power and general user training to ensure your staff, internal and external, and/or your clients are familiar with the solution
  • training updates for new/existing staff eg getting to know new features of new versions
  • integration planning with other applications such as Content Management Systems
  • solution testing and user acceptance testing
  • ongoing solution review and development.

Technical Services to get the job done!

Our Technical Services are best delivered remotely to ensure minimal disruption to the workplace – this means we log in to your server (with permissions of course) to do the technical installation of software and web components .

If you would like to improve the current workflow and processes you have in place, then we can help with post-deployment consulting which may be a mix of services – onsite or remote – to determine your exact needs.

Upgrading your solution? Solution review and annual software upgrades comprise both Professional and Technical services to analyse your existing installation and make recommendations for the upgrade process – then the tech team take it from there.

Keeping you supported!

It’s the Technical Services team that manage support through our CustomerCare centre. They are also the ones that provide for our PremiumCare customers and do all the legwork for those that enjoy Managed Services. We operate a Level 1 Support desk for day-today support of your solution. We have direct links to our supplier’s support system – Canto Support act as Level 2 and Level 3 Service Desks for technical issues that we cannot answer directly.

When hosting your solution in the cloud, your IT department may not cover support of the solution directly and help from DataBasics may be needed. We can do that too.

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