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More HELIOS Features for Improved Workflow

HELIOS is the solution for for server-based workflow automation with scripting and infrastructure monitoring.

Use HELIOS to automate applications on remote computers, eg Photoshop actions and Acrobat PDF creation, via hot folders. Manage server-based image processing and image conversions for Internet and print publishing along with powerful PDF proofing, pre-flight and management.

Automated imaging: hot folders and OPI image replacement

HELIOS ImageServer is a server-based automated image conversion, color transformation and OPI image replacement solution. It supports all major image formats and colour spaces as well as XMP, EXIF, clipping path and ICC metadata.

Imaging tasks can be automated via ‘hot folders’ and OPI image replacement. It is designed to shift very CPU-intensive image processing tasks from desktops to servers.

OPI benefits: automatically creates a low-res image of all supported file formats for placement in any layout application.

Server-based image processing with ICC colour management

Colour Separation and Management benefits: using ColorSync/ICC profiles, keep the original high-res images in RGB, Lab, or CMYK colorspace on the server and repurpose them for different conversion and printing needs.

Web Preview generation with customisable x/y pixel resolution of images or XPress/InDesign pages are supported. Images with a clipping path can be converted to transparent PNGs.

Image Conversion: convert images to any supported file format, resolution, compression and colour space. ICC profiles can be applied and/or tagged. All image information can be retrieved.

Total PDF control with PDF HandShake

Fully utilises the benefits of PDF in existing production environments. Automated server-based PDF generation, PDF printing, PDF OPI, PDF preflight and batchtools boost productivity, and overcome today’s PDF problems. PDF HandShake adds complete PDF support to the HELIOS product suite.

Customers can produce PDFs in a standard colour space, e.g. Adobe RGB, and then use HELIOS to convert that PDF for multiple purposes such as offset printing, for digital printing, or to sRGB for online distribution. All this is achieved via hot-folders or your choice of workflow.

With HELIOS you have powerful printing – with proofing and pre-flighting capability. UB64 generates accurate colour-matched proofs of Post-Script and PDF[1] print jobs. Files are rendered as bitmapped pages in a PDF file. Ideal for pre-flighting, local and remote proofs throughout the production cycle, and as a final job check prior to printing.

Automate your workflow

Script Server and Tool Server: two tools in the HELIOS suite that give you the power to automate applications on remote computers (e.g. Photoshop actions and Acrobat PDF creation) and control those processes from go to whoa – streamlining production.

Meeting deadlines and budgets requires cutting time and overhead from every process. Automating processes and workflows can streamline production, to improve efficiency, reliability, and quality. HELIOS server solutions are designed with this in mind.

By integrating and automating HELIOS applications with other server-based and client-based applications, processes, and workflows, you can achieve real benefits in the workplace in a multi-platform environment and over large networks. The key applications of these tools are

  • Server hot folders
  • Automation via scripting
  • Advanced printing workflow
  • Distributed and scalable automation.

Not only can the HELIOS processes be automated, but HELIOS Script Server and Tool Server enable the easy integration and automation of 3rd party server applications, as well as client applications.

Infrastructure monitoring

Preventing IT failures saves time and money – a must for every mission-critical environment.IT Monitor Server UB64 allows IT infrastructure monitoring with push notifications to administrators about server overload or service failure.

With the IT Monitor server, you can cover all major protocols on the server including remote services. For example, is the printer running, is the database up? Basically the entire IT infrastructure can be monitored to report failing services immediately to admins.

All server system messages, or alarm messages only, can be browsed and searched on iPhone. Your iPhone may be used to observe the status of services, browse messages, use graphical performance charts, and to manage settings. iPad and iPod touch are also supported as clients.

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