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Canto Cumulus Pricing Matrix

Pricing as of May 2017 (ALL PRICES RRP AUD$)

This pricing matrix lists the features available in the two editions of Cumulus Workgroup and Enterprise, for Small, Medium and Corporate businesses – and includes some of the key options available to enhance the solution.

The pricing is indicative for general on-premise Cumulus implementations and includes costs for DataBasics Professional and Technical services to implement the DAM solution.

Specifications: Number of UsersSmall BusinessMedium BusinessCorporate
No. of assets cataloguedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
No. of registered users UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Web portal for search & retrieval - unlimited YesYesYes
Web Client for content creation, management & collaboration YesYesYes
Inbuilt workflow capability YesYesYes
Desktop software for system administrationYesYesYes
Integration with Adobe Creative SuiteYesYes
Web portal for external users to upload content - unlimited usageYes
User management and authentication integrated with AD/LDAPYes
Integration platformYes
Pricing: AUD exGST (+10% GST in Aus)Small BusinessMedium BusinessCorporate
License fee (additional Options available on request)$18,300$27,500$50,000+
CustomerCare (local) and software updates for first yearFREEFREEFREE
Renewal costs for subsequent years$4,575$6,875$12,000+
Typical professional services for install, config, and training$9,000$14,000$25,000+

DataBasics reserve the right to change our product and service prices at any time without further notice.