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Canto Cumulus Integrations

One of the great features of Cumulus is its ability to integrate with almost any other system – from content and collection management (CMS in all its forms) to ERP and even to e-commerce and tools like DropBox!

Cumulus is not an isolated application – it is designed to be an integral part of the existing company infrastructure. By making Cumulus your central asset location for all your valuable files, you ensure they are always available across the organisation for use in any business application.


Upload images seamlessly from Cumulus and drag & drop into your publication. Provides integrated professional media management and supports all common media types and image formats.

Adobe Creative Cloud

The Adobe Drive Adapter for Cumulus works natively in Adobe tools like Photoshop and InDesign to make your creative life faster and more productive.

Office Docs

Let Cumulus manage your articles, reports, and presentations with powerful page-by-page metadata extraction. Locate the slides and images you need instantly.


Using Cumulus with Dropbox, your team can quickly share Cumulus assets with a direct cloud file share - from any device. Process images and replace or rename files on the fly.


WordPress and Cumulus together provide a powerful way to manage your blog or website. Create visual content faster with seamless integration using the TinyMCE editor.


Users of Product Information Management (PIM) system hybris can create brochures, flyers, mailouts and postcards from information delivered directly from Cumulus.


Magento e-commerce users can link Cumulus assets directly with products in the Magento shop. Get fast access with Cumulus advanced search functions natively from Magento.


SilverStripe CMS is ideal for managing websites, intranets, and sophisticated web applications and integrates with Cumulus for powerful image management.


With the Cumulus to Drupal integration, you can maintain your open source CMS digital library in a world-class digital asset management system.


Directly access digital assets in Cumulus using the CoreMedia intelligent asset browser to filter and sort search results with ease – all from within CoreMedia.


With VideoManager a natural extension of Cumulus Video Cloud - you can edit, convert, embed, distribute and stream your videos - using Cumulus to safely store and manage them.

Vernon Systems

The Vernon collection management system is easily integrated to provide smooth export/import capability from the Vernon CMS to Cumulus DAM ensuring content consistency.


Web content creators can browse assets stored in Cumulus while working right from Sitecore - by date, category, keywords and filters based on countless metadata fields.


With the OpenText CMS to Cumulus integration, web content editors have instant access to all approved digital files.


Share your images, videos and documents using Cumulus in an advanced SharePoint environment. Streamline approvals and see what files have been used and where.


Moksa’s Video Stream integration with Cumulus means you can stream video files directly to the web from within Cumulus.


The CHILI Publisher variable data and document editing tool integrated with Cumulus is a simple but powerful web2print solution.


Streamline workflow by automatically writing metadata to assets stored in Cumulus, based on SAP master data.


With Cumulus to TYPO3 integration, you class digital asset management system


The EMu museum collection management system from KE Software can be integrated with Cumulus to provide complete asset management for those in the Galleries, Libraries. Archives and Museums (GLAM) sector.