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Key Cumulus Features to Benefit your Business

Cumulus DAM may be deployed within a department or small business, or enterprise-wide across large multi-national businesses, giving you the ability to find files fast and to streamline your editing, review and approval processes.

Control who can see which files with extensive user permissions and metadata fields such as approved, expired, division, category, etc. Set up process steps and assign status-based tasks. Manage file variants and derivatives.

Save time and minimise human error – ensure your asset records are always current with powerful automation tools such as bulk field updates and catalogue syncing for version control.

Built-in image editing, commenting, live filtering for social DAM

For administrators and group content managers Cumulus provides an intuitive responsive web interface accessible from any device, anywhere, for immediate asset management and retrieval – mobile, tablet and desktop.

It offers built-in image editing and full screen previews – create asset variations over the web and email them to content managers for comments and final approvals. Being able to search and update existing content singly or by batch makes for faster production cycles.

Drag and drop content into InDesign, Powerpoint, Word and other applications. Managers can see and approve recently uploaded content and set permissions for access simply and easily. User live filtering allows you to focus on certain asset formats, statuses or any other criteria. Even better, user actions such as downloads and previews are tracked so you’ll know which assets are most popular with web users.

Public access portals – FAST asset retrieval and delivery

A modern customised web portal for unlimited users provides a snappy front end to your Cumulus database for easy browsing, searching, sharing and downloading content – and totally mobile-responsive due to its HTML5 and Bootstrap technologies.

An ideal sales and marketing tool for internal staff and external contractors to support the company-wide workflow, Cumulus offers the perfect solution to provide managed access to approved content. Collaboration is made simple when users can preview content, view metadata and download assets in a range of formats, with conversions on the fly – permissions allowing!

Social DAM comes into its own – think consumer app experience with enterprise software functionality. Groups of assets can be shared via collection baskets (lightboxes), collection links can be emailed that are personalised or shared directly to the usual social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more.

Metadata management and serious search tools

Cumulus has the greatest number of supported file formats – over 300. You can be assured that whatever asset you drag and drop into Cumulus, from PDFs to CAD to every sort of image file, much of the metadata you need for finding those files again is automatically extracted and added to the asset record. This includes GPS coordinates, as well as the usual application properties and camera data.

But you can also take control of what gets added to your catalogues! The metadata prefiller forces users to input metadata whilst uploading new files – so if it isn’t embedded in the file, you can still find out who, what, when and why.

Good metadata is essential for asset search and retrieval but Cumulus provides alternatives like categories or containers for collecting groups of assets. The ability to add keywords via tags or using a controlled vocabulary give you greater flexibility in managing your asset metadata. By creating and applying filters like format, date, location or whatever to narrow your search and saving and re-using searches, you should never lose an asset again.

Mobile access

Add access on-the-go with the Cumulus Mobile App and get fast and easy access to your digital assets anytime, anywhere. Ideal if you need to access information from the field such as a product datasheet during a sales call, the Mobile App is optimised for use on your iPhone or iPad, is easy to install, fast and secure. It comes bundled with all Cumulus editions and the app is free from Apple’s app store.

Features are:

  • Connects with several Cumulus servers via wifi
  • Customisable to match your branding
  • Flexibly uploads photos and videos
  • Annotation function allows changes and approvals on the fly
  • Installs and configures Cumulus server-side.

Choose your Cumulus deployment options

The beauty of the Cumulus digital asset management system is that it can be deployed in any environment – on-premise, in a private cloud, or as a hybrid of these.

What you choose depends on your requirements with regard to number of users, their location, speed of access and your own internal infrastructure.

  1. On-premise = safe, private and secure. All assets and metadata is held on local servers and maintained locally by your own internal or contracted IT. The traditional deployment.
  2. Private cloud = no IT with managed subscription services for hassle free deployment.
  3. Hybrid cloud = the best of both worlds – retention of metadata and control of access locally, but distribution and delivery of assets for internal and external users regardless of location and with greater speed and efficiency.
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