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Cumulus Product Demos with Portals, Web Client and Uploader

Cumulus has two web interfaces for different access points into the Cumulus database. Portals is the Cumulus v10 public access portal for information discovery and retrieval for general users – an update on v9 Sites. Web Client is the main power and business user’s interface to manage the solution. Uploader or iAsset Contributor (iAC) is a popular add-on to enable the bulk upload of assets remotely.

You can try out the different product demos – just click the Portals Search icon to enter the Portals demo. To try out Web Client or Uploader, you need to email us to get your own login credentials to access at your leisure.

Search with Portals - for users, external agencies and contractors

  • Search by keywords, select categories or apply filters to narrow your search.
  • Preview content, view metadata and download assets in a range of formats, or drag and drop content into Powerpoint, Word and other applications.
  • Group asset selections in the collection basket to download as a batch, or share the collections with team members via email.

Click here to login – no login required

Manage with Web Client - for administrators and group content managers

  • Search and update existing content.
  • Apply updates to individual items or manage in a batch.
  • Add comments to individual files by entering metatags or by selecting metatags from a template.
  • Preview content, view metadata and download assets in a range of formats.
  • Share groups of assets via the basket internally, or provide access externally to others via email.
  • Approve recently uploaded content and add items to a folder.

Please contact DataBasics for your own personal login.

Upload with Uploader - for administrators, group content managers and external agencies

  • All digital asset formats may be uploaded one at a time or in a batch. You will need to login and enter metadata that applies to the entire upload prior to commencement.
  • Once the upload is complete, the assets will be displayed in a lightbox, at which time you will be able to add unique metadata to each of the assets.

Please contact DataBasics for your own personal login.