Intelligent Enterprise Digital Asset Management

Industrial Strength. Enterprise Grade




Cumulus features


At a glance, Cumulus provides

  • Simply the most powerful search available
  • Smarter workflows, integrations and automated capabilities
  • Social media sharing tools
  • Metadata standards support for 300+ formats
  • Platform-friendly access to content with on-the-fly editing for collaborative production
  • Management of derivatives and variants for re-use and re-purposing
  • Version control and rights management with expiry/archival options
  • Web-based admin tools for total control.

Social DAM

Cumulus relies upon successful collaboration. Cumulus makes it easy for business, project administrators and network managers to maintain and distribute large collections of intellectual assets to workgroups and clients, externally as well as internally.

Centralised for security

Effective management, secure access and distribution of digital media is increasingly important for public sector agencies, industry and corporates. Cumulus centralises assets in a repository for full version control and managed access with extensive user permissions and live filtering.

Automated workflows

Cumulus excels at true workflow management for business and content owners to review, edit and approve content via automated processes. These status-based workflows are a powerful tool for controlling the lifecycle of an asset from upload to expiry.