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contact-databasicsAs a supplier of business solutions and services focusing on digital asset management, DataBasics is interested in fostering long-term relationships with both partners and customers to cultivate a collaborative community of DAM professionals. To that end, DataBasics works with a broad network of partners and consultants throughout Australia, New Zealand, South East Asian region, China and India.

Many of our partners have had specialised training in the products and solutions they offer and can offer a high level of assistance. DataBasics’ primary level of support is to our customers and we support our partners where they have agreements in place to deliver solutions and services directly. In turn, they provide first level support to their clients. To locate a consultant in your area, refer our list of Partners.

Contact us directly by phone 1300 886 238 (in Aust), email info@databasics.com.au or complete the form below.

Join us on LinkedIn for updates on new products and suppliers plus discussions on digital asset management generally as well as DataBasics Cumulus and Flight Users Group in our region, and Local Government Group. Login or register! Any questions please contact us.

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DataBasics Pty Limited
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