Canto - your SaaS DAM in the cloud

Key Features to Manage your Marketing

The beauty of Canto is that you don’t need expensive hardware or an IT department to have a powerful easy to use platform to organise, manage and share your digital files.

Assigning media to Canto albums is like creating a playlist in iTunes – the actual digital asset is stored once, but you can assign it to multiple albums.

Manage all your media - with no duplicates

Sales teams can access the latest videos, presentations and product sheets in the field with the Canto iPad app. Field agents may shoot video and take pictures then upload those files into Canto, making them instantly accessible to the back office for re-purposing on the website, across social media or in any type of documentation.

Work through a single interface to arrange your digital files with unlimited folders or albums and even assign the same asset to multiple places without creating copies or duplicates.


Access and search – wicked fast!

Upon upload, Canto automatically extracts the file metadata, and assigns it to a smart album based on its file type. At any time you can access all images, videos, audio tracks, documents, presentations and more with one click.

Add Keywords to provide a controlled vocabulary to ensure the correct metadata is entered – add Tags to enable searching with unique descriptors and identifiers.

Filter search results by file type, keywords, tags, upload date, original uploader and file size to zoom in on the results you want.


Be social and share - but stay in control of your brand

Share large media files with non-Canto users through secure links that save time and avoid bandwidth drain.

Emailed links to individual files or collections allows previewing of files in full screen and immediate downloading. Send a personal message and set expiration dates for sensitive information.

Share videos directly to Vimeo and YouTube.

Provide on-demand access publicly or through password-protected portals. Canto gives you the ability to create an unlimited number of portals, each with its own unique branding and user permissions. Portals allow you to select certain areas of your database to share.

Better lifecycle tracking, collaboration and approvals

Version history is maintained with the ability to track the lifecycle of assets. New versions of files can be uploaded, while maintaining the availability of previous versions.

Socially comment on files and subsequently notify tagged users of new files or actions that may need to be taken – get approvals through quickly and simply. An asset can be defined as ‘pending’, ‘approved’ or ‘restricted’.

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