Flight by Canto - lightweight DAM in the cloud

Cumulus vs Flight Comparison Table

The table below is designed to help organisations decide between the two great but very different digital asset management Canto solutions by comparing the two side by side. Organisations looking to meet specific requirements have a choice: Cumulus DAM for sophisticated workflows or Flight lightweight collaborative SaaS DAM in the cloud. Check out DataBasics free webinars on Cumulus and Flight to learn more about the differences and find out more on Canto’s website.

Licensing ModelRenewable annual license Software as a Service
DeploymentOn-premise, cloud, hybridCloud
InstallationComplex, requires IT infrastructureSaaS - no installation, just web browser and internet connection required
Back up & RecoveryProvided **Daily back up provided
SecurityEncryption can be used, SSL connection supportedProvided by AWS (Amazon Web Services) SSL inbuilt
Ease of UseTraining requiredNo training required, simple and easy to use
Storage CapacityUnlimitedStarts at 1TB, extra available
IntegrationComplex integrations through Canto Integration PlatformSimple, inbuilt social media sharing, sync upload with box, InDesign, API available plugin
MetadataExtraction, editing, writebackExtraction, editing
SearchQuick search, category search, filtered custom search, advanced filtersQuick search, category search, filtered search
File ConversionCustom, conversions to most formats, video / audio transcoding via add-ons Predefined select formats, excellent video/audio playback
Workflow ToolsAd-hoc, status-based, integratedSimple workflows
Social SharingLink sharing, commenting, annotations, subscriptions to assets, taggingLink sharing, commenting, annotations, tagging
Version ControlVersion history, asset usage history, rollback version optionVersion history
Roles and PermissionsSophisticatedSimple, configurable
Lifecycle ManagementExtensive approval workflowsSimple approvals
Digital Rights ManagementsExpiration, embargo, watermarking, password, configurableStatus-based, expiration,
DRM inbuilt
Reporting and AnalysisAsset usage history,
log statistics
Login history, download history, sharing history
SupportBusiness and technical consulting, Canto Community
CustomerCare, PremiumCare
Online knowledgebase
CostStarting at AU $18,300Starting at AU $8,300 / year

1 Hosted services available for cloud or hybrid deployment do not require installation
2 Back up and Recovery provided with hosted and managed services

To summarise: Cumulus is a much more complex, capable solution. Flight is an easy-to-use, simple solution that would provide basic digital asset management, social sharing, basic workflows and a top-of-the-line video playback. It all depends on your organisation’s needs. _______________________

For more information please contact DataBasics on 1300 886 238 (+617 3733 1510) or email info@databasics.com.au