Canto - your SaaS DAM in the cloud

Empower your team with Canto

Canto is a simple and easy to use asset collaboration and engagement platform. Canto’s multi-tenant, cloud-based software is a turnkey, ready-to-use subscription service for busy marketing groups who simply need to get things done, right now.

As a SaaS cloud-based application, it enables quick deployment across the company and is scalable as the number of users grows. This makes it a cost effective, entry-level system that can grow with you to support the needs of projects as they develop.

DAM enterprise strength, simplicity and beauty

Organise your images, videos, audio files, documents, presentations and more into smart albums arranged by file type.

Get reports on storage, downloads, favourites, likes and sharing channels with graphical representations for summary results and trend analyses.

Canto has an intuitive interface that’s easy to learn and navigate. It reflects the look and feel of popular social media such as Facebook. This means you’ll need minimal training time for staff and any external partners with whom you plan to share your files.

Store, organise, collaborate and share your digital files without hardware or IT support – ideal for small to mid-size businesses or for smaller departments and subsidiaries.

Up in the Cloud, yet always within reach. No hardware and no IT!

It’s easy to set up groups for different sorts of users and assign permissions to those group to speed access with suitable controls.

Create visual Portals and provide links to specific content to share with nominated users and groups or for public and community access as well as to collaborate with contractors and agencies – with or without password control.

Take advantage of Canto’s secure, mobile access to company information like board presentations, annual reports and other corporate content – all from a branded portal set up specifically for different levels or types of users.

No servers needed. No setting up VMs. No security patches to administer. No hardware required. You get the message.