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Information Bulletin October 2015

• Canto DAM Summit 2015 Wrap-up
• DataBasics Recent Webinars
• Henry Stewart DAM LA Conference and Canto Webinar
• HELIOS News: Document Hub for iOS 8/9, Android & more
• HELIOS at SMPTE Tech Conference – Hollywood 26-29 October
• HINTS n TIPS: HOW-TO Create a Controlled Vocabulary…read more

Image Library Requirements Guideline

image library

If you’re tasked with designing and implementing a DAM Image Library within your workplace, there are simple steps you can take during the early planning phase that will make the process a whole lot easier for you. One of the first things to do is to looks closely at your users requirements: business managers, consumers, stakeholders and content contributors – to determine the business rules and key requirements needed. In this guideline, we give you some of the questions you need to ask ……read more

Canto DAM Summit 2015

Summit Conference

The DAM Summit hosted by Canto in Giessen, Germany, has been an opportunity for the visiting DataBasics team, Ricky Patten and Robert Krause, to exchange information and ideas related to Digital Asset Management and discover how other companies are using Canto’s digital asset management applications, Cumulus and Flight, to revolutionise creative workflows. …read more

Information Bulletin November 2015

• DataBasics launches new Technical Support System
• DataBasics Webinars: DAM Deployment Options – 1 December
• Canto News: Cumulus 10 Updates
• Flight JFK Release Features
• DataBasics Blog: Flight and Cold Storage
• HINTS n TIPS: HOW TOs for Cumulus – Bulk Editing Metadata…read more

Digital Asset and Collection Management – Integrating the Systems

China collection

While Collection Management Systems (CMS) and Digital Asset Management (DAM) solutions complement each other quite well, when two systems need to interact, maintaining them to ensure that both databases are current and up-to-date can be a challenge….read more

Digital Asset Management: What is it and why is it important for GLAMs


Within the GLAMs sector, Information and Collection Managers play an important role in managing and maintaining historical records and all business information. In the past this related to documenting physical collections and artifacts and storing text-based data about each item in a Collection Management System (CMS). With the rise in digital imaging and the need to now manage digitised files of images, photos, graphics and presentations, an emerging trend is the integration of CMS with DAM – Digital Asset Management solutions. …read more

HOW TO Use Version Control (Check In / Check Out)

This post shows you how you can create different versions of a file and view them under the file history. This means you always have the latest version available and can see any changes from the original. …read more